Advanced Accounting 5.1 add-ons and utilities
UPS Export/Import Interface Export shipping information to UPS WorldShip, import UPS tracking numbers. $199
PCAuthorize Credit Card Authorization Interface Authorize and track credit cards from within Advanced Accounting. $199
Addsum Utilities Many useful utilities for Advanced Accounting users including the ability to "unpost" an invoice. $99
Quotes & Contacts Transfer quotes/estimates to a sales order. Create quotes from a previously entered quote or based a user defined series of steps. Partially transfer line items on a quote (5.0 version only). NOTE: You can download a 5.0 demo of this item. $199
Undo year end When a user accidentally runs the year end routines, this utility can greatly ease the pain of correcting the problem. $75
Rebuild GL chart of accounts file Rebuilds the "buckets" in the general ledger chart of accounts from the detail transactions file in the event of some sort of calamity or damage to the chart of accounts file. $75
ETC time clock import interface Import information from ETC time clock export directly into Advanced Accounting's payroll register. Use employee compensation rates as set-up in ETC or rates set-up in Advanced Accounting. (ETC=Electronic Time & Attendance Clock from Qqest Software Systems. For the different time clocks they offer, see $149
Automatic purchase order creation Automatically create purchase orders based on reoorder level, units on back order, units on hand and units on order at any given point in time and for any or all products codes, classes and categories. Vendors, prices, descriptions, ship to codes, etc. are all editable. Print all P/O's created. Involves two new programs. Very powerful! Cost includes customizing "needed" quantity computation and integrating with any custom modifications. (Note: ADDSUM utilities highly recommended to ensure that unit counts are accurate in conjunction with using this utility.) $149