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Addsum Shipping Interface

for Advanced Accounting (5.1 thru 5.12g, 6.1, 7i, 8), and
DBA Classic (latest version: 2002.4 or 2004.1)
(may work with Evo-ERP but Evo-ERP is not a package that we specifically support)
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Purpose/overview: The ADDSUM Shipping add-on provides either Advanced Accounting or DBA users with the ability to export shipping information to UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager software eliminating the re-typing of shipping addresses and other information as well as the chance of selecting an incorrect or old address from the UPS or FedEx address book. In addition, tracking numbers (and optionally freight costs) can be imported back to Advanced Accounting or DBA (tracking numbers are stored as invoice message lines; freight costs are stored in the "freight" field). Export functionality can be used with other shipping software.

Advanced Accounting 6.1 and higher users can also copy/clip tracking numbers from sales invoice history, and can also track a UPS or FedEx tracking number directly from Advanced Accounting sales invoice history simply by clicking on a button.

Requirements: Accounting software: Either Advanced Accounting (5.1, 6.1, 7i or 8 as published by us) or DBA Classic (version 98.1 or higher published by DBA Software, Inc.). Shipping software: UPS WorldShip 2.0 or higher (latest version is UPS WorldShip 2023, Version 26, published by and available at no charge from UPS) or FedEx Ship Manager must also be installed (standalone or LAN). Export/import processes have remained consistent through the last several dozen UPS WorldShip releases.

Program options added: The following completely integrated programs (called from Advanced Accounting or DBA menus) are included:

          Export shipping Information
          Import tracking numbers (and optionally freight costs)
          Master setup

How it works: Sales orders are entered and printed as normal. The export shipping information program is then run to export shipping addresses (and more) based on invoice date, sales order number, invoice number and "ship via" ranges entered by the user along with the ability to export either from pending sales orders or from invoice history. The exporting can be accomplished in one large batch and then imported into the shipping software or it can be appended to any number of times.

The following screen shot shows the filter ranges that can be entered by a user when exporting data (DBA version shown).

Screen shot of export program/DBA version

In the UPS software (or equivalent procedure in the FedEx software), a batch import (UPS batch import and export mapping files with detailed instructions outlining how to create them are provided as a part of this add-on) picks up the information which can then be edited and processed.

Here is a screen shot of the UPS Pickup Log screen which shows an imported batch under "in progress" shipments.

Screen shot of UPS Pickup Log

Cost: The cost of the Addsum Shipping Interface is available as a download (or with Advanced Accounting included with a new user/update installation) for $99 (DBA version is $199) and includes support/updates for one year from the date of purchase and detailed documentation. (Returns accepted only within 30 days from purchase date and are subject to a 25% re-stocking charge.)

Support and updates for this product are provided at no charge for one year from the date of purchase. After the first year, support and updates can be obtained for $50 per year (exclusive of any required licensing fees).

Buy: To purchase this interface, please call us at 888-923-3786, go to our Store page or click on one of the buttons here.

Advanced Accounting 7i or 8
Advanced Accounting 6.1
Advanced Accounting 5.1

Program updates, history, testing and comments:The Addsum Shipping Interface (originally called the UPS Export/Import Interface) programs were originally released in June of 1999. Notifications concerning program updates, new features, etc. will be posted here along with information concerning how registered users can obtain those updates.

10/99: New import freight cost feature added. Freight costs can now be imported back at the same time as tracking numbers to pending sales orders.

02/00: New interface option to specify OnLine Office or WorldShip, changes in export logic for WorldShip, enhancement when just exporting one sales order/invoice at a time, enhanced directory validation.

05/00: DBA version updated to 2000.1 (DBA users who have purchased the UPS interface within the past 12 months are entitled to receive this update at no charge. To receive it, send us an E-mail and indicate the name of your company.)

10/00: Ability to add a set dollar amount when importing freight from UPS; when exporting, new options to export based on an order date range or to only export fully released sales orders

02/01: Tested with version DBA 2000.2, menu file only requires an update (see below)

03/01: Menu file updated in light of minor changes made in DBA 2000.2 service pack 1. Existing users with the latest updates can simply download/run the update here after installing DBA updates thru 2/23/01.

09/01: Menu file updated for DBA 2001.1 and tested with the DBA 2001.1 version. Existing users with the latest updates can simply download/run the update here after installing version 2001.1.

12/01: New fields added to the interface export file (order number, customer code, job code/number) as an aid for keyed imports; documentation converted to on-line format and significantly expanded and clarified; new Help option; bug fixes relating to DBA ship address 3 and relating to internal look-ups and connection to freight/history options. This update is available for free to all existing users. Request it by sending an E-mail us, indicate that you would like to receive the 12/01 UPS update, indicate the name/version of your accounting software and your company name.

05/02: Tested with DBA version 2002.1, update released for front end menu changes. Existing users with the all updates thru 2001.1 can simply download/run the update here after installing version 2002.1.

09/02: Update released for 2002.3 front end menu changes (see further update below)

11/02: Update released for 2002.3 front end menu changes. Download/run the update here

01/03: Update released for 2002.4 front end menu changes. Download/run the update here

04/03: Verified compatibility with WorldShip 5.0.

02/05: Released Advanced Accounting 6.1 UPS interface

05/05: User-defined tracking prefix when importing tracking numbers

05/05: Re-tested with WorldShip Version 7.0 (no updates are required for use with Ver. 7 of WorldShip)

01/08: No known issues with WorldShip Vers. 8.0, 9.0 nor 10.0

03/08: Tested with Version 10, no updates required

01/09: Tested with Worldship 2009, Version 11.0, no updates required

11/09: Adv 6.1, 7i and 8 versions export main customer e-mail address automatically

01/10: Successful end user use with Worldship 2010, Version 12.0

02/10: Successful use with FedEx Ship Manger 244x series

02/10: Adv 7i version enhanced: country code validation, user defined tracking number prefix, ability to copy/clip track numbers from history and the ability to track a UPS or FedEx tracking number from directly within Advanced Accounting (requires Internet connectivity)

04/10: Adv 7i version now supports the ability to use both UPS and FedEx at the same time and supports preferences files that are specific to each Advanced Accounting company rather than one global setting as well as the ability to enter a customizable prefix if neither UPS nor FedEx software is being used.

3/12: FedEx SmartPost number support can be 20 in size

9/15: Adv 8: SO/Inv # expansion

4/17: Screen and other import enhancmements

12/17: BOM issue involving FedEx and UTF-8 encoding


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