Addsum PCAuthorize Credit Card Authorization Interface for Advanced Accounting


This interface allows an Advanced Accounting user to authorize credit cards on either a standalone or network basis, directly from within Advanced Accounting. This can be accomplished:

  • while entering a sales order (taking an order over the phone, for example);
  • when recording a customer payment;
  • when generating a recurring sales order; or
  • when processing a point of sale payment.

1 - Advanced Accounting 5.1 (with latest updates) or Advanced Accounting 6.1 or higher.
2 - PCAuthorize credit card authorization software (single user version only required even if authorizing across a network - you will need access to an outside phone line with a modem on the PC where PCAuthorize is installed.

  • Works with the credit card merchant provider of your choice (not tied to any particular provider in any way)
  • Simplifies tracking of credit information within Advanced Accounting
  • Completely multi-user capable without any additional purchase of any kind
  • Credit card input and authorization occurs in real time if desired
  • Reduces re-keying of information
  • Administrator still retains control over settlement and whether users can issue credits/refunds
  • Users have flexibility to itemize charges for purposes of the "charge slip" in any way that they want
  • Credit card/expiration date information is always appropriately masked
  • Special "print receipt" capability provided allowing for the printing of two different styles of receipts (and which can print to any printer)
Details (documents are in PDF and will open in a new window)

Addsum PCAuthorize Credit Card Authorization Interface documentation
PCAuthorize requirements (ICVerify document)
PCAuthorize features (ICVerify document)

Users are entitled to three support questions/incidents within 60 days from initial purchase.

Beyond this free support, see the
Store for available prepaid support options.

Updates are periodically made but other than potentially in some cases requiring that the user have the latest update for the version of Advanced Accounting they are running, currently there are no plans to charge anything for updates relating specifically to this interface.

If the user has already purchased PCAuthorize, then the cost for the interface is just $199 plus shipping.

We can provide a copy of the PCAUthorize software itself for a cost of $299 plus shipping.

Advanced Accounting 5.1 purchasers are eligible to update to version 6.1b at no cost in connection with this interface.
To order, use the Store page or simply call us at 800-648-6258 or fax us at 801-277-4220.

Questions? Call us at 800-648-6258 (in the U.S.) or 801-277-9240 (Salt Lake City, Utah) if you have any questions or Email us at info@addsuminc.com

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