Purpose/overview: The ADDSUM QUOTES & CONTACTS add-on for Advanced Accounting enables users to provide quotes to potential or existing customers and to subsequently transfer a quote to an actual sales order. User defined fields are included in the quote system which consist of two optional date fields and ten optional 25 character alpha fields which can be used for any desired purpose. In preparing a quote, a job code feature allows for the creation of a quote based on a pre-defined series of product codes. Purchase orders for backordered items can be automatically created when transferring a quote to a sales order. In addition, a complete suite of contact management programs not only provides quick and easy "look-up" access to all names, addresses, phone numbers and faxes in the system, but also enables the user to keep track of any type of contact (potential customer, vendor, employee, etc.). For each contact the user can input an unlimited number of contact "notes" and follow-up/contact dates. Follow-up reports can be generated to indicate who should do what and when and whether or not the follow-up action has been completed.


 New features - 5.1 version: The 5.1 version has been fully updated primarily to run in the 5.1 environment, especially in Windows mode, and of course retains all of the features of the 5.0 version. In addition, the 5.1 version incorporates many of the same enhanced features we have added to option A of sales order including such things as line counters, automatically checking for invalid quotes numbers, protection against entering too many line items, decimal rounding and more. Version 5.1 also contains an integrated version of the accounts receivable option A program which allows a user to view and create quotes directly from the customer screen. A complete contacts module is also new to version 5.1. Contact information can be transferred as well as "linked" to actual customers and vendors. Up to eight phone numbers can be tracked for each contact in addition to E-mail and web site addresses.

Other "quotes" features: The 5.1 version incorporates all of the features of the 4.0 and 5.0 versions include the continuing ability to use the ship code field, the ability to partially transfer line items on a quote, the ability to create new quotes based on prior quotes (in addition to the functionality provided in the 4.0 version to create quotes from user defined job codes), the ability to close (and re-open) a quote and a calendar month display after entering a quote date (calendar is displayed only when running in DOS mode). A "print open quote list" option is also included. A "fax" option allows you to input a "fax to" name and number which is saved as part of the quote. Quotes can be previewed to screen and can be printed in either a non-compressed (new to the 5.1 version) or a compressed format. Quotes can be transferred to sales orders on the fly or via a separate menu option.

Other "contacts" features: The contacts module allows you to "look-up" all of the addresses and phone/fax numbers in the system including customer, vendor and employee. This includes the A/R and A/P alternative addresses and contacts that are entered under the normal A/R and A/P options. Mailing labels/envelopes can be printed for any of the addresses in the contacts module and reports can be printed that, in one place, contain ALL of the contacts relating to a particular customer or vendor (including "linked" contacts set-up in the enter/change contacts program as well as contacts entered via the regular A/R and A/P options). Follow-up dates can be entered and reviewed directly from the contact entry screen.

Requirements: Advanced Accounting 5.1 (published by Business Tools, Inc.) must be previously installed.

Summary of Quotes & Contacts menu options and operation: After installation, new main menu option Q-Quotes will appear immediately above S - Sales Order. The following submenu options are available via main menu option Q:

A - Contacts submenu, B - Enter/change quotes, C - Transfer quote to Sales order, D - Maintain job codes, E - Maintain quote master file,F - Print open quote list, G - Purge quotes, H- User defined field descrip, I - Quotes on-line documentation

The submenu choices in connection with option A are:

Telephone numbers, Fax numbers, Addresses, Customer contacts report, Vendor contacts report, enter Contacts, enter Follow-up dates, Follow-up report, contact Notes report, contact Labels, contact Listing report, setup Status codes

 When selecting telephone numbers, fax numbers or addresses, further submenus appear allowing you to select from customer, vendor, employee, etc. records. 

Cost and ordering information: The cost of Addsum Quotes & Contacts for Advanced Accounting 5.1 is $199 plus $5 shipping/handling. To upgrade from a prior version, the cost is $35. Source code can be purchased for $299 (purchaser must have previously purchased TAS 5.1 and ADV 5.1 runtime and source - any portion of the Quotes & Contacts programs can be customized for an additional charge, i.e. we can customize any portion of the programs for you without your having to purchase source code). Dealer inquiries are welcome; normal dealer discounts apply to new copy purchases. Ongoing updates to Quotes & Contacts are available to users who have purchased an Advanced Accounting 5.1 update subscription.

Payment can be made by VISA/Mastercard, COD (COD charges apply) or in advance by check (shipping/handling waived). To order call 888-923-3786, fax us at 801-273-7732 or send E-mail to Send checks to ADDSUM BUSINESS SOFTWARE, INC., P. O. Box 17284, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117.



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