Purpose/overview: The ADDSUM UTILITIES add-on provides Advanced Accounting users with utilities that (a) allow the user to verify that their system is in balance and that check the integrity of information within the system; (b) provide data file information and maintenance capabilities; (c) provide Btrieve data error information; (d) allow the user to reindex/initialize data files outside of the Advanced Accounting environment critical to maintain certain files and to gain entrance into the system in the event that certain files become damaged; and (e) enable the user to reverse or merge or delete certain kinds of transactions or records.

New features - 5.1 version: The 5.1 version includes the ability to unpost an invoice posted in the sales order module. It also contains a utility that will for all or a range of inventory items synchronize units to units actually on sales orders and purchases orders. The "outside" Advanced Accounting utility is also new along with deleting a range of pending purchase orders. Most of the utilities will run in 5.1ís Windows mode as well as in DOS mode.

 Requirements: Advanced Accounting 5.1 (published by Business Tools, Inc.) must be previously installed. (Note: equivalent Addsum utilities versions for Advanced Accounting 4.0 and 5.0 are also available.)

Summary of new options and operation: After installation, new main menu option M-ADDSUM utilities will appear under U-Utilities. The following submenu options will be then be available via new option M under U-Utilities:

Menu options for ADDSUM utilities

Merge A/R-A/P records
Fix A/R statement
Mark cleared deposits
Check for duplicate AR inv
Unpost a sales invoice
Delete range of S/Os
Delete range of P/Os
Balance AP and AR with GL
Balance detail by GL account
General ledger utilties (find GL out of balance, one-sided G/L entry)
Balance inventory with GL
Inventory utilities (synchronize IC units, pending S/O line items integrity, zap binary zeroes)
Fix blank records
File record count/analysis
Reindexing utilities
Check for open files
Outside utilities
File manager
Btrieve error messages
Highlights of some of these options follow:

Merge A/R-A/P records: This option will "combine" two different A/R customers or A/P vendors into one records; especially useful when two records have been established for the same code.

Mark cleared deposits: This option was designed to facilitate the marking of checks associated with a particular deposit when reconciling a checking account.

Check for duplicate inv nos: This utility checks the invoice transaction file for any duplicate assigned invoice numbers and displays on screen any duplicates found.

Unpost a sales invoice: This utility reverses the posting process of a previously posted invoice generated through the sales order module. Alone worth the cost of the entire utilities package!

Balance AP and AR with GL: Very powerful utility which performs multiple verification for AP and AR balances. Allows user to print, search for discrepancies and even fix customer and vendor accounts balances.

Balance detail by GL account: This powerful utility will determine to what extent your chart of accounts file is supported by your detailed G/L transaction file. For every month in your current fiscal period for the active company, this utility will scan through and compare, side by side, the monthly balances for every G/L account. For any month that the totals are not in balance, the program pauses and informs the user.

Balance inventory with GL: This utility allows a user to specify a range of G/L codes and compare the balances in those codes with the total value of all inventory items as of a given point in time. A report of all inventory items and their value can be printed.

One-sided GL entry: Fix the chart of accounts and G/L transaction file for a one-sided out of balance problem.

Synchronize IC units: This utility will do on a global basis or for a certain range of products what a user could otherwise only do on a one-by-one basis under adjust physical to actual. For the selected product codes, this utility will automatically re-calculate units on sales orders and units on orders against actual pending sales orders and purchase orders.

Fix blank records: This utility scans through certain key files in the system and automatically removes any records that do not contain valid product, customer or similar codes.

File record count/analysis: Provides two different options of on-screen (or optional print-out for one of the options) information displaying number of records, byte size, file date and time, etc. for every data file in your system. The analysis options also displays ratios and further information about each file.

Reindex files utility: This utility provides the ability to reindex all accounting data files or certain groups of files. The user has the option for some groups of files to include or exclude "history" files as well.

Check for open files: Extremely valuable for network administrators and individuals in charge of backing up data on a network, shows which files may still be "open" in the system.

Outside utilities: While accessible as a menu choice in these utilities, this utility was designed primarily for use "outside" of Advanced Accounting (most of the Addsum utilities can be run outside of Advanced Accounting). The reindexing function allows you to reindex files that cannot be safely reindexed from with Advanced Accounting itself. This utility also provides an initialize database function. In the event you are locked out of your system, you can use this function to unlock it. There is also an "edit the where are the run programs field" program.

Btrieve error messages: Displays a Btrieve error message text file explaining what each Btrieve error message means. Running in DOS mode, a user can search for a given error message number and can also search for a string of text characters.

Upgrades: Because no existing data file structures are altered by this add-on, conversion to future releases by Business Tools of Advanced Accounting or upgrades released by ADDSUM will not in any way be impaired.

Cost and ordering information: The cost of Addsum Utilities for Advanced Accounting 5.1 is $99 plus $5 shipping/handling. To upgrade from a prior version, the cost is $35. Source code can be purchased for $199. Normal dealer discounts apply to new copy purchases. Payment can be made by VISA/Mastercard, COD (COD charges apply) or in advance by check (shipping/handling waived). To order call 888-923-3786, fax us at 801-273-7732 or send E-mail to Send checks to ADDSUM BUSINESS SOFTWARE, INC., P. O. Box 17284, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117.