Addsum Avanced Accounting

Screen shots

The new look of Advanced Accounting
Advanced Accounting 6.1 screen shots
(Advanced Accounting 6.1 has been replaced with Advanced Accounting 7i which has more features but which looks generally similar)

Addsum Avanced Accounting 7i Main Menu
Advanced Accounting 7i main menu


(will load into a new window - please allow a bit of time depending on your connection speed for the file to open as it is about 2.7 megs in size)

This Flash demo will display the main menu of Advanced Accounting and some of the new program options.

If you not have the Flash plug-in you will be prompted to automatically download it (it is a very small download if needed and is commonly used and recommended.)

Things you can do:

Click on the main menu tool bar buttons and see available options

Further instructions appear at the bottom of each screen indicating what you can do; you will be able to for example go into GL option A, AR option A (and do a look-up and see customer options), SO option A (you'll be able to look-up a customer, switch to the line items tab and do a product code look-up) and IC option A (old style screen example).

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