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Advanced Accounting 8 new features
Initially released in Sept. of 2019

Advanced Accounting 7i features
Last official update: Feb. 2, 2012
Latest version: 7i (r4)
7i release features
Incorporates all version 6.1 features (see below).
"What's New in 7i" manual topic
"6.1 to 7i upgrade information

Advanced Accounting 6.1 features
Last official update: Feb. 17, 2010
(some containing changes made in support of current users and that relates to 6.1/7i crossover enhancements)
Latest version: 6.1b (r14c)
Initial release: Jan. 2003

6.1 release features
Version 6.1 contained hundreds of both product enhancements and fixes since version 6.0. It also contains an additional several hundred hours of development building upon the extensive earlier development efforts which led to the release of version 6.0 (which was also programmed by us as well as Business Tools, Inc.; however, Business Tools, Inc. turned over further development and sales/support to us in 2003, as they did with the 5.1 version in 1997, and is no longer involved).
The latest release includes all of these newer features:
Features added July 2007 thru January 2010
Rel. 14 ultimately included changes or updated to over 100 program options only a few are mentioned; it is also a prerequistive for 6.1 users moving to 7i
New print bank reconciliation option
Improved system wide handling relating to average costing protocols particularly when units on hand are forced into a negative condition (especially in the BOM build module)
Inventory movements enhancing when building on the fly
Resolving issues relating to releasing sales orders with message lines or notes
Features added July 2006 thru June 2007
Support for electronic transfers/payments in the Pick to Pay option as well as in AP Voucher entry.
AP payment history reporting enhanced including the ability to include/exclude/only include electronic transfers
New primary e-mail and web/URL's entry fields for customers and vendors
Redesigned and modernized print and enter GL financial statement options (GL-F/G)
Extensively redesigned receive purchase orders which now provides the user with complete flexibility when invoicing individual quantities
Reintegration and redesign of SMTP e-mail send options including e-mail an invoice, e-mail an invoice reprint, e-mail a quote, e-mail a purchase order, e-mail a customer statement, e-mail a customer, e-mail a contact, e-mail anyone from directly within the software. E-mail settings can be established as global or per user (each user can have different mail, default subject, default signature, name, e-mail address and other settings). SMTP authentication supported.
New work order functionality allows a work order (can be used as a shop order or traveler) to be printed based on a sales order (after saving a sales order or from the BOM module), include sub-assemblies and/or include line items not requiring an assembly, line items can be printed one per page, includes printing of attached notes
Improved print bill of materials with new options and capabilities
New time & billing add-on module and related enhancements
POS module now has an optional delivery address and/or salesperson entry mode and an extensively re-designed full page ticket that can be used with the delivery address option or separately
Extensive performance and other enhancements to the invoice history reports (SO-K), with new invoice date sort option, and ability to show cost of goods sold and gross profit margin (if the user has a security permission to see costs)
Quick Report option reintegrated into the 6.x series for the first time (see UT-J)
Many other features such as the ability to add a different main menu background image for each of your companies
Features added from the 4th qtr 2005 to June 2006
Create quotes, create quote from a prior quote, transfer quotes to sales orders, quote status report, pending quotes by customer and related features
Create purchase order from a quote or from a sales order
Record payments/credits program graphical user interface implemention with support for credit card authorization; new payment method tracking and check date features; new capability to quickly pay off a single customer invoice; re-designed screen to maximize entry efficiency
Credit card authorization support directly from sales order entry as well as from point of sale including swipe support
New scroll/navigation features when not in edit mode in the customer maintenance (AR-A) program
New scroll/navigation features when not in edit mode in the inventory maintenance (IC-A) program
Print inventory information (IC-F) program significant new options and enhancements
New past due, credit card masking and backorder handling options in sales order entry; duplicate customer purchase order checking/warning; multiple copy sales order printing enhancements
New automatic multiple copy sales order invoice enhancements with ability to put different heading on each copy for laser printing
Blind pack slip option, options to show weight, new Save Preferences options, ability to turn on/off ending language, many other enhancements
Sales order invoice printing new multiple copy options allowing different heading to print on different copies when printing via laser forms
Point of sale posting enhancements and ability to new add ticket to the posting file
New scroll/navigation feature in the sales order history (SO-K) option
New payroll pay summary report
Ongoing payroll table and other payroll updates
Many new bar code label printing options, ability to import labels from a pending or fully received purchase order, single column option, bar width ratio option, option to print prices
Ability to override normal sales invoice format in the sales order invoice reprint option (SO-N) plus new options concerning ending lines
Many others
Features added during the first half of 2005
Graphical user interface implementation of inventory control maintenance and many new enhancements (example: sales by month report exanded from a 5 year display to 10 years)
New General Ledger Account Balances report; new GL Summary View with Drilldown
Graphical user interface implementation of maintain security levels and user logon/password programs
W-2 electronic filing update (MMREF-1 layout and other updates); extensive internal handling for Indiana COIT withholding; other state payroll updates and enhancements
New sales tax analysis report
New GL starting balances option to facilitate initial use of the system by new Advanced Accounting users and their accountants
Inventory price list enhancements and new options
New change GL account code option
New clip tool and laser envelope/label tool
Job cost transaction lookups fixed/enhanced; new job cost features including ability to change customer code after job created
941 payroll worksheet updated and enhanced in light of the changes to this form starting with the first quarter of 2005
Purchase orders can now contain up to 999 line items each; new purchase order line item import option
New individual selection option when processing employee pay amounts (PR-B); new "after the fact" post payroll options allowing the user to assign payroll check numbers, etc. and not having to print the checks; new tax pay amounts added to processing screen
Features added in 2004
Generic inventory items import: this has been enhanced to allow the import of additional inventory items at any time from a simple comma separated value file and which can also be used to update pricing and reorder level/amounts. Inventory information can be imported from any source then such as from a spreadsheet program into the system with the ability to specify inventory locations for inventoriable items and appropriate GL codes for both inventory and non-inventory type items.
Complete re-engineering of the conversion of data from the 5.x version to the current version.
Print physical, AR aging, various GL and other reports have been re-worked so as to print on fewer pages (in most cases 50% or fewer pages)
New options to print an AR voucher, an AP voucher or a recurring AP voucher.
Ability to enter individual GL distribution descriptions when entering AP vouchers or AP recurring vouchers.
Expanded capability to view customer invoice line item history including the ability to sort sold line items by description, price, quantity, extended price, etc.
Unit of measure option when printing purchase orders.
Customer order filter and addition to pending sales order report.
Inventory look-up enhancements.
Re-integration of bar code features and automatic bar code recognition in sales order entry, purchase order entry, and POS entry as well as in inventory adjustments and transfer program options. Inventory label printing enhanced.
Makeover of the contacts entry and follow-ups and re-integration with the customer and vendor maintenance programs
Makeover of the packing slip program, print pack slip on fly from sales order entry, new default portrait option, options to bar code sales order, customer P/O number, product codes, overall pack slip format enhancements.
New ability to attach a free form note (up to 5000 chars) to a sales order allowing a user to input any desired instructions, the full text of an e-mail relating to the order or any desired information as a reference to the sales order; options to view the note in history as well as the capability to append to the note to add shipment tracking or any other desired information.
Completely updated "after invoice maintenance" option allowing the ability to update certain fields relating to a posted invoice.
Bill of materials availabillity (shortages) report significantly enhanced including "build to order" option, new quantity short calculation and component location providing greater flexibility
POS interface enhancements and support for 30 column (3") receipts
Complete internal re-design of the change related record values option
Improved/simplified the processing of unapplied customer payments; new AR unapplied credits report
ROA's (received on account) or non-layaway deposits can be processed simply/easily thru POS
General journal and GL detailed trial balance reports improved; GL department detail roll-up fixed
W-2 and W-3 forms updated for 2004 IRS changes
Features added in 2003
New menu that is faster, cleaner, easier to use and capable of being driven by keyboard shortcusts. Includes a new toolbar mode option allowing you to keep Adv 6.1 readily available to spring into action and tucked away without having to minimize it; menu continues to allow for two completely different ways of accessing the various menu/program options; other menu enhancements made including provision/security for add-ons available now or to be provided later (see add-ons)
Faster program option loading requiring fewer system resources
Over 50 new GUI/object-based program options including sales order entry, sales order printing, sales order posting, customer entry, other AR options including voucher entry, statements (enhanced) and aging reports, essentially the entire point of sale (POS) module, purchase order entry and printing, GL-A and SY-E and new ability to see all 6 year past info on same screen, various system programs and a number of other options in other modules
Reclose program now allows for up to 6 years past (not just prior year)
Post GL transactions to any of the prior 5 years (previously you could not post more than one year past)
Integration with a faster, more reliable, newer database engine that provides true record locking support and which is fully ODBC compliant (prior engine released with 6.0 was not - purchase of the engine does require an additional cost)
New general ledger export transaction option allowing export of your GL transactions to various formats including Excel, Lotus, tab delimited, CSV and QuickBooks; works with your control date to ensure that users don't accidentally enter transactions in periods already sent to your CPA
Improved appearance of over 150 program options
Several security/logon problems resolved; additional security features added (example: the user logon/password data file is encrypted increasing system security - also end users have the ability to directly change their own password in the event of a compromised password taking the burden off the system administrator and allowing for a faster change); revamped security and re-implementation of security permissions to be re-aligned with the latest 5.1 version; new security level description field; new security permission options added to restrict a user from reprinting/changing an invoiced sales order, from selling at or below cost, and to restrict a user from editing sales orders and purchase orders
Significantly enhanced AR-E statements program with new features including the ability to specify a running balance style or an open invoice style open type statement and the ability to print only statements that exceed a certain minimum ending balance or to only print statements for customers that have outstanding invoices due over a certain number of days; similar enhancements to AR-D charge interest on outstanding invoices including the ability to filter by class, to allow for a grace period and a new preview/report feature allowing the user to see what charges would be assessed prior to actually finalizing the transactions
Change company code relocated and updated/fixed along with multi-company maintenance option
Consolidation of utility menu options including new support and information options
Support for running many of the "core" programs from NT workstation (NT workstation, although not 2000 or XP, was found to be a problem for 6.0)
Incorporates latest 5.1 GL trial balance and payroll update enhancements; GL journal report enhanced and fixed since the 6.0 release
Inventory unit synchronization problem fixed
Job cost posting and reporting issuess addressed (includes a utility to fix prior non-posted transactions)
W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms significantly updated and tested with 2003 forms; 941 program updated and 940 program revised and fully updated (940 program was not operable with the 6.0 release); W-2 year end processing fixed
Printing changed to be simpler and in some cases faster (Email/faxing cover screen removed and to be re-implemented in a different fashion in a future release)
AP manual check back-out fixed and improved AP-B enter AP vouchers
Consolidated statements generation and financial statement printing fixed and enhanced
Financial statement codes/descriptions now work as in 5.1
Print bill of materials option to use last cost rather than average cost; re-written BM-A enter bill of materials program that includes the ability to copy/paste bills of material
Complete update/overhaul of the help file and integration of the help file with every program
POS layaway functionality exhaustively updated and fixed
More flexible POS pole display options for reset, display mode, prefix/suffix codes and internal updates to how the pole display options work; testing/certifying of pole display and cash drawer equipment; magnetic stripe reader functionality added
Internal suppport added relating to custom modified programs allowing a user to continue to implement standard updates even though the user may have certain main menu or internal modifications

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