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Advanced Accounting 7i for Windows 8
(and Windows 7, Vista, XP Pro/Home, Windows 2000, others)

Advanced Accounting 7i r6 demo
Last upload date: June 23, 2013
Approximate download size: 51 megs
What's New in Adv 7i (thru rel. 6)?

Note: after installing the demo, please e-mail or call us for further instructions and information. This demo no longer includes a Btrieve/Pervasive engine and before it will run, an appropriate Btrieve record manager engine needs to be installed unless one is already available, and hence the need for you to contact us. We apologize for this inconvenience.

(You should see a download link with the text "Download Demo" below. If you do not, your browser settings or installed software
may be hiding it. E-mail us for assistance or call us at 800-648-6258 and we will arrange to get a demo to you in some other fashion.)

Download demo

Advanced Accounting 7i r5 main menu

If you do not have a reasonably fast connection speed, we can send you a demo CD (U.S. addressees only). Call us at 800-648-6258 or send us an e-mail at including your phone number, company name, Attn: and ship to address.

After downloading, simply run/execute the adv7idemo.exe file to install. Detailed demo installation instructions are contained below.

If you try to run the setup program and you get a message that says Error during initialization (in the title bar) then Could not call decompression functions! (message text), then it means that something is blocking the installation program from running or that the full file was somehow not downloaded. First make sure that the file size downloaded matches the approximate download size above and re-download the file if it is not the correct size. If the problem persists, disable anti-virus software and ensure that you are logged in with full administrative privileges. Access denied or Error creating icons would also indicate that local PC user rights are insufficient. Your anti-virus software, or equivalent, will not normally provide a separate warning or exception error message; it will simply relentlessly block executables, DLL's and related files.

If instead of the message above you receive a message such as Could not decompress [some file name here]. Message: Could not open output file! Maybe it is in use! this instead means that the issue relates to pathing. When the program asks for the installation path, click on the entry box below which says "Current folder" and ensure that path does not contain any spaces at the end, and that it will be possible for the installation program to write to that path.

Win 8/Win 7/Vista issues: Advanced Accounting is Win 8/Win7/Vista compatible (including corresponding versions of MS Server e.g. Server 2008 and Server 2012). Make sure you are logged in as a user with administrator privileges, download the file and then browse to it via Windows Explore (right click on the Start button) and then right click on the downloaded EXE and choose the Run as Administrator option. Just being logged in as admin is not enough with Vista; you also have to specifically "run as admin" to be able to correctly install the program.

    Detailed installation instructions:
  • If you are installing to a networked drive, first check with your network administrator and be sure that you are logged in with full administrative rights.
  • Double click on the icon named adv7idemo.exe or run/execute the file directly (for example if you saved it in C:\TEMP then click on Start --> Run and type C:\TEMP\adv7idemo.exe and click on OK).
  • You will see a dialog box welcoming you to the Advanced Accounting installation. To continue, click on the NEXT button.
  • The demo licensing injformation screen for Advanced Accounting will be displayed, to continue installation you MUST click the drop down box and select I AGREE, then click the Next button.
  • You will next be asked for the directory where Advanced Accounting should be installed. The default value of C:\Adv7i or C:\adv7idemo is recommended.
  • You may specify any drive and directory. If that directory does not already exist (recommended), it will be created for you. Make sure you don't specify a directory that is already being used for something else.
  • You will next be asked for a Windows group folder name. This is the name that will show up if you click on the Start --> Programs button. A list of existing folders is also displayed. To accept the default, click on the NEXT button.
  • An overview box will then be displayed, allowing you to review key information before the installer begins copying files, to continue click the NEXT button.
  • The installation program will begin copying files, once this is done, a screen will appear letting you know if the installation was a success. Click the NEXT button to continue.

There is no initial logon or password and you will be able to see all possible menu options. The demo data allows you to quickly see how the programs work and to easily process sales, general ledger and other transactions.

To run the point of sale register or to access the POS options that require it, use clerk code 100 and a blank password.

The demo restricts access to a single company which contains the demo data and the number of records that can be saved are limited.

More about the demo and things to do:
The Adv Demo Company (ZZ) will automatically load. You are free to roam around and make any changes that you would like to make. We suggest clicking on SO and launch the first option. Click on the button lookup (or press F2) to see some pending sales orders. Select one to view the information associated with that sales order. Click on the Save button to see additional options you would have when saving a sales order. Click on AR and then option A to see what the customer entry screen looks like. Bring up a sample customer by clicking on a lookup and selecting a customer. Click on Customer Options to see the different options associated with a customer's account. Look at the contacts option and proceed as if you are editing or adding a new contact. Proceed to look at the other modules of interest and call/e-mail us if you have any questions about them. With few exceptions, this is exactly the same software that comes with a licensed system.
Advanced Accounting supports a virtually unlimited number of companies (sets of data) in the same installation; in the demo you will be working only with the demo company.
If you want to see what you would do to actually start using Advanced Accounting, see the Getting Started section in the on-line help file. From almost every program option you can press F1 to get program sensitive help. Or click on the Help option from the main menu and select Advanced Accounting Help. Note the Startup programs under UT option Q that may facilitate bringing in your data without having to manually enter it (if you are a prior user of Advanced Accounting, all of your data can be brought into this version).
We do not recommend starting to use Advanced Accounting in anticipation of a purchase by the entry of information in the demo data - you should start out with a fresh set of data files as provided in the licensed version.
Remember that Advanced Accounting can be custom modified (additional cost required) to meet any need you might have that is not already provided for in the standard version. The system has been designed so that in most cases you can still easily install ongoing updates even though you may have had something modified.

For pre-sale questions about Advanced Accounting, call us at 800-648-6258 or send inquiries to

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