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CPA's, accountants and financial/technology advisors:

Why should your clients use Advanced Accounting?

First and foremost, Advanced Accounting is built on a strong transactionalized general ledger which serves as the foundation of the system. With many systems the general ledger is an afterthought, or involves a non-highly integrated interface to something else.
Within Advanced Accounting, a seamless and completely integrated general ledger underscores the entire system. Some of our users may say that they do not use the general ledger, but by design they are.
Advanced Accounting's general ledger (and other modules such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory) are code-based and not code-less. This may require some slight additional planning and forethought in setting up the system, but the benefits and level of control are well worth it.
Advanced Accounting of course includes a strong payroll module as well. In our opinion, an inventory/sales order invoicing system or job cost control system or point-of-sale system that does not have a fully integrated general ledger and payroll is like having a saddle without a horse. But, even if you or the end user uses something else to track the general ledger, it nonetheless remains a valuable internal control tool and provides useful information about sales, receipts and more. And, the end user can easily turn off modules that are not used, or that do not apply to them.
And, accountants receive a free fully licensed single-user copy of our accounting software to facilitate working with the client's data.
Here is a quick summary of a few Advanced Accounting features that may be important considerations in your role as a financial/technology advisor to your clients:
  • Expandable: grows as your client grows - start with one user and expand easily later to 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more; full client-server implementation provides for optimum performance in heavy user and remote user/branch office situations, and allows for optional ODBC access to data
  • Affordable: compare our prices for software and support with any competitor (speaking of support, there are no minimum support nor required update contracts nor forced annual updates required - your clients will save a bundle)
  • All entries made to the general ledger detail are transactionalized
  • Extensive general ledger departments and multi-location inventory support
  • Recurring general ledger entries
  • No hard close; enter transactions up to 5 years in the past (you control however to what extent any given user can enter past or future posting dates)
  • Income statement/balance sheet comparisons allow for any month range in the current or budget year or in any month range from one to six years past (up to four columns may be compared at once)
  • Format your own financial statements
  • Strong multi-company support (one installation will support dozens of companies)
  • Consolidate financials of separate companies
  • Output any report to XLS (many other options including PDF)
  • General ledger account balances report allows you to quickly/easily track balances from month to month
  • No programmed limit to the number of records in the general ledger transaction file (nor to other core files)
  • Retained earnings is never a plugged figure
  • Integrated credit card authorization - securely and efficiently process credit cards
  • General ledger export options include IIF and CSV formats
  • User permissions and controls: we have had these for many years as standard features (although many mainstream packages are just starting to offer them) since Advanced Accounting has always been designed with multiple users in mind
  • Get new clients started quickly: many special startup options, here is one example:
    Addsum Adv Accounting Beginning Inventory screen image
  • Your clients get all the modules: we don't force the end user to choose what core modules they want or do not want, they get them all (and we've found over the years that users end up using modules that they might not have otherwise purchased)
  • Posting interruption recovery for critical sales order and POS processing is built into the system increasing integrity of the data and reducing the need for support
  • Support that doesn't just stop: we are still supporting legacy versions that are over ten years old
  • Supported and developed in the U.S. with an emphasis on phone support but also e-mail, fax and many remote control support options are available; incoming calls are not by default processed by an automated attendant
  • We try to keep "version bloat" to a minimum to avoid trying to offer too many versions of the same product
  • Advanced Accounting has been around the block: with predecessor products that date back to 1984, there are few PC-based accounting software systems that have a history as long as our product; thousands of users worldwide have relied on Advanced Accounting and its predecessor products to run their businesses
  • Built on Accounting: the foundation of Advanced Accounting is its general ledger and its internal controls
  • And, remember, as your client's accountant you will receive a free single user copy of Advanced Accounting
No one product will likely suit the needs of all of your clients, but we suspect that Addsum Advanced Accounting might well be the solution of choice for many of them. We encourge you to download our demo which by today's standards is very small and compact, consistent with our philosophy of trying to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Call us at 1-800-648-6258 so that we can answer your questions, or send us an e-mail at We value the working relationships that we have with CPA's and financial/technology advisors to help solve the needs of our mutual clients and look forward to working with you.


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