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Addsum TAS Premier 7i


Last upload date: 06/07/2023 (includes release 17, published 06/07/23)
Approximate download size: 34 megs

E-mail install questions to tas@addsuminc.com

After downloading, simply run/execute the AddsumTP7ixSetup.exe file to install.

Do not install into a prior TAS 6 or 5.1 directory, i.e. install to a new directory.

Do not install into a folder containing an existing runtime installation.

If you try to run the setup program and you get a message such as "Could not call decompression function" then it could be that there was some interruption in the download and the entire file was not downloaded or that anti-virus software is preventing the installation. Check the file size and compare to the approximate size above and re-download the file if it is not the correct size; disable anti-virus software.

To run a sample application, launch TAS 7i, click on RUN, click on the Samples folder and choose one of the options from the file open dialog.

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