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Addsum OpLockSet Utility Help
The OpLockSet.exe program is provided via a ZIP file. Unzip/extract the file and place the executable in any desired location. You may create a desktop icon if you wish but otherwise one will not be created. Run the OpLockSet.exe from each and every PC on your network, including any gateway PC or dedicated server.
Suppose you saved the OpLockSet.exe to a folder called C:\temp on your PC. Simply navigate via Windows Explorer and to your TEMP folder and click on the OpLockSet.exe file or click on Start and then Run and type C:\temp\OpLockSet.exe and click on OK.
The utility will attempt to detect your version of Windows and then display a dialog box listing your current settings for opportuntistic locking, lock request retry and the WOW LPT timeout setting. Windows NT/2000/2003 server/XP Home and Pro systems enable opportunistic locking by default.
If you are using Pervasive client-server or some other client-server product, then you will likely want to make sure that opportunistic locking is enabled. This utility can be used to both disable as well as enable oplocks on computers running Windows.
If the current setting is "Enabled" this option will by default put a check box in the "Change?" column. It is up to the end user to verify the appropriate action. Even if the box is not automatically checked, you can still select it. If the box is checked and the "Make Changes" button is clicked, the oplocks setting will be set to the opposite of its current setting. You can run this option as many times as desired in order to toggle the oplocks setting. (If you later upgrade for example to a client-server database/accounting, you can run this option again to turn oplocks back on.)
If you have disabled oplocks, re-run this utility again on each/every PC after installing Microsoft service packs to make sure that oplocks remains disabled.
The lock request retry (also called lock violation delay) is a Microsoft Windows setting that is typically set too high by default. If set to the Windows default of 250 milliseconds, this option will suggest a change. If the box is checked and the "Make Changes" button is clicked, this setting will change to 20.
The WOW LPT timeout value option changes another unacceptably high Windows default value of 15 seconds. If default value of 15 is found, the "Change?" check box will be checked to recommend a change. If the box is checked and the "Make Changes" button is clicked, the setting will be changed to 2. This option is included only for the convenience of DOS/legacy systems and can be ignored (and/or will have no impact) unless you are having an LPT delay problem with a DOS application.
After you click on "Make Changes" you will receive a message indicating that the PC should be re-booted to ensure that the changes are in effect. The utility, however, will not automatically re-boot your PC.
Clicking on the "Help" button will load this page through your default web browser.
Error messages that you might receive:
Invalid data type for 'SomeValue': This could happen if the program attempts to read your existing registry values but they were set to incorrect types (if, for example, they were errantly set to a DWORD rather than as a STRING). The current setting that that then displays might not represent an appropriate value. However, proceeding to make the change should overwrite the prior errant entry.
Unable to write registry values, please ensure you have sufficient rights to the registry, application will now terminate: If you do not have sufficient rights to update the registry on this computer or there is some other error in writing to the registry, this error could occur.
Opportunistic locking does not apply to this version of Windows, program will now exit: You will receive this message if you run this utility on WIN 95, 98 or ME.
This program requires Administrator access to function properly. Please run as an Administrator (right click icon, then choose Run As Administrator): error checking related to Windows Vista.
This program requires Administrator access to function properly, Please logon an Administrator account and try again: happens if you are running Vista and not logged in as administrator.
You are running this program in a compatability mode, please disable and try again. Program will now exit: applicable to Windows 2000 and above.

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