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Addsum KeyLockToggle Utility

Remote control of caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock keys

$10 - individual/single site license
$35 - unlimited/multi-location/third party support license
First release date: January 5, 2013
Why you may benefit from the Addsum KeyLockToggle utility
When accessing PC's remotely, particularly with VNC, a PC that has its Caps Lock "on" interferes with effective remote access. If the remote user has forgotten to turn it off (which we have found frequently occurs), the efficiency of remote access is decreased if the user has to be re-contacted or worse, if no one is available to physically be present at the remote keyboard.
Additional features
The utility also quickly provides the major Windows operating system version, name of the user currently logged in, the computer name, IP address, screen resolution and pixels per inch which can be particularly useful in software support situations. It can also quickly invoke the built-in Windows on-line keyboard which can also manage keyboard "locks."
Fast, standalone executable requiring no other support files or DLL's.
Particularly useful with remote control software that utilizes some free or commercial flavor of VNC to remotely control other PC's including commercial products such as UltraVNC and ShowMyPc. Useful also with LogMeIn. Keyboard interaction with products like Microsoft's Remote Desktop (and Terminal Services and Citrix) works differently and "Caps Lock" problems are not typically acutely encountered in those environments, but the utility can still be of use in those situations as well.
If are using this utility solely to access your own computer (for business or pleasure) or computers at your single location company, the cost of the utility is $10.
If you are a business with multiple physical locations and/or you will be using this utility to support others, there is a $35 fee for that unlimited use. This includes distribution of this utility with a software application.
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KeyLockToggle: for single location site license - $10.

KeyLockToggle: for unlimited commercial/3rd party support use - $35.

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