Data structure changes 2000-2001
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This section is intended primarily for developers.

The data structure changes made in 1997-99 have previously been documented. Text files that describe the database structure as well as other changes can be found on the web as follows: (1997)

For 2000 the following field descriptor (aka "layout" or "schema") changes have been made:

BKARCHKH (new layout, AR check history)
BKARINVL (two new fields, BKAR.INVL.LINE and BKAR.INVL.CSLNE and new key BKAR.INVL.INVCT which is a combination of BKAR.INVL.INVNM and BKAR.INVL.LINE; new key BKAR.INVL.PCESD which is a combination of BKAR.INVL.PCODE and BKAR.INVL.ESD)

Comments: BKARC saves to the BKARCHKH file, new credit analysis program (which has the same name as the data file, BKARCHKH) reports on this new file.  
The BKARINV keys solve data "view" problems so that users can, for example, see what a customer has purchased in date order.  
One of the new line counters ensures that order of a sales order/invoice is always preserved (even if the file has to later be reindexed or restructured)  

For 2001, the following changes have been made:

BKSYSSEC (new user permissions layout)
(new multiple supplier database)

Comments: a very important shift has occurred away from BKICMSTR and to BKICLOC. The units and value fields in BKICMSTR are now no longer updated or maintained and are only used for temporary calculations. The BKICLOC file now is the only file that tracks units (on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, on back order) and value (average cost, last cost). There is no longer a permanently kept "total value" field inasmuch as it can always be easily calculated (units on hand plus units on sales order at a given location multiplied by its average cost equals that location's value). Not only does this decrease the amount of record locking and eliminate synchronization problem, it also resolves a problem whereby if a user has different GL asset codes for multiple locations, average costing of inventory as to that location could not be supported as in prior versions specific cost was being received via purchase orders or adjustments, but was being sold via the no longer use BKIC.PROD.AVGC field (BKIC.PROD.LSTC is still used to represent the very last "last cost"). More fields will be added to BKICLOC in the future and to avoid naming conflicts, we'd suggest checking with this before adding fields to this file.  
The new user permissions layout file is managed by the user via SY-C. The actual program that manages it is the same name as the data file.