Advanced Accounting 5.1 information
(This is the 16-bit DOS/Windows version - see the Advanced Accounting 8 section for the Windows version)

Advanced Accounting is a moderately priced, custom modifiable accounting system that uses the Btrieve (and optionally Pervasive) record manager for fast reliable performance. For less than the cost of one module in a number of competing packages, the package includes general ledger, accounts receivable, sales order, accounts payable, purchase order, inventory control and payroll. The standard package also includes point of sale, job cost and bill of materials.

Advanced Accounting comes "network" ready and is successfully being run in dedicated server environments as well as peer to peer networks on all 32-bit versions of Windows (including XP Home, XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7) released by Microsoft to date. And, using the Windows Virtual PC, Windows 7 Professional or higher users can continue to run Advanced Accounting 5.1 on 64-bit operating systems.

In addition to its economical price and its ability to be custom modified, this software is known for its speed and its ease of use. Advanced Accounting is no newcomer to the accounting software scene with a user base that is now over two decades old. With the current optional 16-bit Windows mode, the package continues to build on this past history. Starting with the 5.1 version (originally released during the fall of 1996), Advanced Accounting 5.1 was Y2K compliant. Addsum Business Software, Inc. fully supports Advanced Accounting and the 4th generation language that it is written in (TAS), provides custom programming services, and has been updating the product continously since its 1996 release.

While our development efforts are now focused on newer/GUI releases of Advanced Accounting, we continue to periodically update the 5.1 version as well and continue to support many existing users of the product (even though some 14 years have passed since its release). While a new user typically is more interested in the more modern version, there are still reasons to consider this release for deployment in multi-location/branch office and other situations. While the DOS and Windows mode do consume more CPU cycles than their 32-bit counterparts, this becomes an issue more when running many programs at the same time. Server loads can be balanced using products such as TameDOS. Printing is lightning fast because the output is simple and non-proportional text, ideal in POS and fast moving environments (printers must be capable of receiving characters directly; DOS programs therefore cannot print typically to multi-function and color printers). DOS programs are faster than their 32-bit counterparts.


What printers will work with Advanced Accounting 5.1?

Provided that the printer has a supported Windows print driver, in the 16-bit TP5WIN mode, you should be able to print to any printer, although you may encounter issues with printing to pre-printed forms (check, invoices). For printing from the DOS mode of Advanced Accounting 5.1 (as well as any previous version of Advanced Accounting) the printer must be able to accept printer control strings directly (such as PCL capable printers). For additional information on mapping LPT ports, see our Remapping LPT ports tech support memo.

What exact laser printer models will work with Adv 5.1's DOS mode?

Compatible printers typically fall into the category of single function, black and white ("monochrome") laser printers, and generally, printers that can accept PCL and printer escape sequences directly. Any of the older HP LaserJet series printers will typically work starting with older models such as the HP LaserJet II/III. Later introduced models such as the HP LaserJet 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1300 also worked well with Advanced Accounting 5.1, as well as higher end models. Many of these formerly compatible models have been discontinued, but there are still many to choose from. In 2012, the HP M401n was compatible. In 2011, the HP 2035 and HP 2035N, monochrome printers, were available and compatible. In 2008, the HP P2015 and higher end P3005 series (such as the P3005N) were compatible and being used successfully (you can print from a "DOS" application to a USB port). Brother models such as the HL-720 also have worked well. A Brother printer model currently available (2008) that works with the DOS mode of Advanced Accounting 5.1 is the HL-5240. (The Brother HL-2240, a printer available in 2012, appears to only support GDI and not PCL and therefore is not compatible with Adv 5.1's 16-bit character mode, tpc50.exe.) Another option that was available in 2008 was the Dell 1720 mono laser printer (however while it seems to work as expected when directly connected to a computer, the same cannot be said when established as a network printer and the issue appears to be with all types of applications and not just DOS programs). Equivalent printers will also work.

What about dot matrix printers?

Usually dot matrix printers function without any issues.

What laser printers do you recommend generally?

Our favorite laser printer brand, even with our 32-bit version, is the HP LaserJet family/series.

Do you have a recommended dot matrix printer model?

Okidata Microline 320.

Will I be able to use a dot matrix printer in your newer version of Advanced Accounting?

Absolutely, as long as it is a Windows compatible printer (such as the Oki 320).

Does Advanced Accounting 5.1 run under XP, Vista or Windows 7?:

Yes (32-bit operating systems will innately work as a general rule; Windows Virtual PC is required to run under a 64-bit version of Windows 7 and you must be using the Win 7 Professional (not Home) version or higher)

Will all of my Adv 5.1 data convert to newer versions such as Adv 7i or 8?

Yes, all of it.

Is my Adv 5.1 system obsolete?

No. Your Adv 5.1 system continues to run on every major Microsoft release to date including the 32-bit versions of Vista, Server 2008 and SBS 2008 (and using the Windows Virtual PC available for free from Microsoft will even run on 64-bit operating systems). Many users have made substantial investments in customizations and/or have staff that are experienced with the 5.1 version. Functionally Advanced Accounting 5.1 remains a viable option for users running in the most sophisticated environments like multiple locations and remote central access. The modern Pervasive record manager engine is available and is backwardly compatible with the 5.1 version. It can be used to suppport busy offices that need instant access to their data, which can be mined through various popular tools and accessed and even written to by various web applications. Support remains fully available and we have no plans to drop support for the 5.1 version, and we still provide regular updates. We are experts in providing custom programming for Advanced Accounting and continue to provide custom programming services for the 5.1 version. While the newer 32-bit version of Advanced Accounting is not designed to work with the 5.1 version on a concurrent basis, we can provide integrated solutions to our 5.1 users who want to stay with 5.1 but who need special capabilities only available with the newer version (particularly if the 5.1 user is using the Pervasive engine as many of our 5.1 users are).

I have lost or am unaware of the whereabouts of my company's Advanced Accounting 5.1 manual. Where can I obtain a copy?:

Here is a link to the original manual (so it does not cover program updates) as published by Business Tools:

Adv 5.1 manual PDF (approx. 5 megs)

Has Advanced Accounting been reviewed by independent parties? CPA's?

Yes. See Advanced Accounting reviews for more information.

Is local support available in my area?

While most support is provided by e-mail/phone/fax, in some parts of the United States (and in some other countries) local support is available. And, some of our dealers are willing to travel to your location. Contact us for further information.

Picture of the original Adv 5.1 manual and 3.5" floppy diskettes (as released in August of 1996), later replaced by CD and today provided via CD and/or download. Advanced Accounting 5.1 is expandable and can essentially support an unlimited number of users on modern networks.
Main menu of Advanced Accounting 5.1 running under Vista Ultimate with the Aero interface with sales order module selected. Click for larger view.

Adv 5.1 main menu in default mode with the general ledger module selected. This mode (which runs under all 32-bit versions of Windows) loads and runs at speeds that cannot be matched by any 32-bit Windows program. Some 13 modules are included in the standard package and are fully integrated. Click for larger view.

Advanced Accounting 5.1 sales order entry (in the DOS mode). Click on image for larger view.

Adv 5.1 customer entry and options (in the DOS mode). Click for larger view.

Adv 5.1 inventory entry and some options (in the DOS mode). Click for larger view.

Adv 5.1 main menu (Windows mode). Click for larger view. You can run in the DOS or Windows "modes" simultaneously on the same PC or on different PC's on the same network all accessing the same data files and even programs.

Printing in the Windows mode from Adv 5.1's general ledger detail option. The list option provide a Windows style preview. The Windows mode can print to most printers including printers that the DOS mode is unable to print to such as multi-function/color laser printers.

List/preview in the Windows mode from Adv 5.1's sales invoice reprint option.


*Advanced Accounting and TAS are trademarks of Business Tools, Inc. Btrieve is a trademark of Pervasive Software, Inc. (formerly Btrieve Technologies, Inc.)