Advanced Accounting 5.1 updates
Last updated April 13, 2021 (last prior update: January 19, 2011)
Latest version: 5.12h
Initial release: fall 1996

2020 update information

Based on requests from a number of users after dealing with updates for about 14 custom modified systems (all at different levels in the 5.1 series), we also updated the latest/last 5.1 version to handle the probem of not being able to enter dates after 12/31/19 due to the sliding short date century of 1920-2019 in the 5.1 version. The only exception was that if the program had a single date entry for posting purposes, that date could be made to work if it matched the current system date (a fluke). All reports with date range and programs with posting dates however required a change to put the date in the correct century. No changes to the data dictionary nor to data files are made during the installation of this 5.1 version update; end user data remains intact. In the end we made changes to over 60 programs mainly during the period Dec. 2019 to Feb. 2020 timeframe but also several later in 2020. This includes updates to the maintain database options. The cost of the updates depend on the status of the system (all prior updates through the 2006-2007 update have to be installed). Contact us for further details. We also continue to support the 5.1 version (but it is not being actively developed, and the payroll module is now greatly out of date and does not support the latest U.S. payroll changes).

2011 update information

Illinois users require a software update to handle the 2% withholding tax increase. Oregon Jan. 1, 2011 changes have been implemented, and these require a software update. We are reviewing other states for changes.

2010 update information

Users in Connecticut, Kentucky and Missouri will need updates and these are available. At least ten other states have withholding tax relates changes that can be initiated by the end user.

The newer versions of Advanced Accounting support supplemental wage calculations as well that the 5.1 version does not. Even though most of our development efforts focus on the newer versions of the software, we continue to support version 5.1 and make maintenance releases relating to various modules including the payroll module.

2009 update information

Payroll users in Alabama, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Vermont will need updates. A few other states also will need payroll tax changes using the PR-K option.

2008 update information

Required changes for Nebraska, Michigan, Utah.

The State of Utah made major blunders in the Utah Withholding Tax Guide effective Jan. 1, 2008 (released 10/07) and not until late February 2008 were changes made and released. The state completely changed the formulas (after having made significant changes in the 10/07 booklet) and Utah has now switched from being a traditional "tax table" state to a quasi-flat rate state as a result of changes mandated by March 2007 state legislation but not properly implemented until late February, 2008. Utah tax table codes therefore no longer apply and new logic now applies. On February 26, 2008, one day after becoming aware of the changes, Addsum released a payroll update for both the 5.1 and 6.1 versions solely to deal with these Utah changes. Utah users who have updated through 2007 just need to contact us to receive this update at no charge.

2006-2007 update information (5.12h)

The 2006-2007 update includes various updates made throughout the past two years as well as significant payroll changes that include all currently known January 2008 tax tables and changes and changes to accommodate form W-2 changes and expanded tax table amounts and percent entry. Payroll users in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnestoa, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont must update. Users in other states may still need to make table changes, and still need the update in order to properly enter federal tax rates. If you have any question about your state, please contact us.

The 2006-2007 updates (including Jan. 2008 changes) can be ordered from our Store page. Or just call us at 888-923-3786 or 800-648-6258 to order and obtain this update.

The full 2006-2007 update option assumes that prior updates have been installed. A payroll only update option is available and can be installed regardless of version of prior non-payroll customizations.

2007 download: (password protected - purchase required)

2007 update (including payroll)
Notes pertaining to the 2006-2007 update: W-2 printing supported when running from tpc50.exe only - for Windows printing use the 32-bit version; electronic filing is now also only supported from the newer version
First released on Dec. 29, 2007
Updated on Jan. 6, 2008 for Oregon and other states
Updated on Jan. 7, 2008 for California tables and Michigan
Details (1997-2005)

Advanced Accounting updates thru 5.12f 1997-2005 (HTML format)
Advanced Accounting updates thru 5.12f 1997-2005 (PDF format)
2005 update information (5.12g)

The 2005 update includes various updates made throughout the year as well as payroll changes that include appropriate January 2006 tax tables and changes. Payroll users in Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnestoa, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin must update. If you have any question about your state, please contact us.

The 2005 updates can be ordered from our Store page. Or just call us at 888-923-3786 or 800-648-6258 to order and obtain this update.

The 2005 updates assumes that prior updates have been installed. A payroll only update option is included.

2005 downloads: (password protected - purchase required)

2005 update (including payroll)
(last update: 1/13/06 - file size is approx. 1.2 megs)
2004 update information (5.12f)

In addition to payroll released earlier in the year, a number of other 2004 updates have been released and the final 2004 update is available. Also, since the IRS has made W-2 and W-3 changes, a payroll update is required if you plan to print W-2/W-3 forms out of Advanced Accounting 5.1. More detailed information is contained in the updated documentation linked to above. Call us for further information. The cost of the 2004 updates is $75 and includes the payroll update. Users may install the payroll updates (as long as they have updated their payroll previously at least thru 2001) separately from the other updates and install just the payroll changes.

The 2004 updates can be ordered from our Store page. Or just call us at 888-923-3786 or 800-648-6258 to order and obtain this update.

Please do NOT install the 2004 update unless you are current thru 2003 (exception: payroll).

2004 downloads: (password protected - purchase required)

2004 update (including payroll)
(updated 12/27/04 - file size is approx. 1,508 KB, i.e. just over 1.5 megs)
2003 update information (5.12e)

The final updates for 2003 have been released. Information concerning new or changed programs in 2003 is contained in the updated documentation linked to above. Call us for further information. Approximately 40 program options were changed/updated in 2003. W-2/1099 printing changes are not required for 2003. The cost of the 2003 updates are $50 and include the payroll update.

A 2003 payroll withholding update was released in January 2003 and later in July 2003 and is available now. The cost of this update is $30 (if purchased separately) and is recommended for all users who use Advanced Accounting 5.1's payroll module. This update will work with any/all versions of Advanced Accounting 5.1 although the payroll updates thru 2001 need to be previously installed. A new payroll table containing both federal and state rates is included. States which require an update (i.e. that cannot be accomplished with just a table change) include Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont. Support for filing status "F" has been added for Connecticut along with other new required internal logic changes for all status codes (A,B,C,D and F). California users should also obtain this update. The 2003 payroll update includes a change for Oregon which went into effect 3/1/03 (Oregon users who may have previously installed the 2003 payroll update need to download it again and re-install). The federal table has been updated in accordance with IRS publication 15-T (June 2003). Also changes have been made for Massachusetts relating to 1/1/03 and to Connecticut for changes effective 7/1/03.

Please do NOT install 2002 or 2003 program updates (exception: payroll) unless you have previously updated thru 2001.

The 2003 payroll and/or payroll plus other updates can be ordered from our Store page. Or just call us at 888-923-3786 to order and obtain this update.

2003 downloads: (password protected - purchase required)

2003 update (including payroll - updated Nov 2003)
2003 payroll only update

(2003 update requires that all prior updates have been installed; the payroll only update requires the 2001 payroll update)
2002 update information (5.12d)

Important note: The final release for 2002 was made in November, 2002; however in April of 2003 the 2002 update file (ADV2002.EXE) was updated for some important fixes made in early 2003 (IC-F, PO-D and SO-E) and for two programs that had been updated but not included in the November update (AP-P and ALT-I). So, even though you may have previously installed the ADV2002.EXE, to obtain these updates you need to either (a) re-install the ADV2002.EXE which is free or (b) install the ADV2003.EXE which will also include these updates.

The first, second and third quarter 2002 updates (ver. 5.12d) were released on April 2, July 17 and August 29, 2002 (with addditional minor updates on October 15 & 31, 2002) respectively. These cover a variety of new features and updates and require installation of the prior 2000-2001 updates. See the update information option below to obtain further information concerning these changes. Release #1 thru #3 of ver. 5.12d are available at no charge to users who have purchased updates thru 2001 and who receive the updates via E-mail or the web. For $5.00 we will instead send out a CD containing the updates. Call us at 888-923-3786 or E-mail us to request this update. USERS WHO HAVE NOT INSTALLED THE 2000-2001 UPDATES SHOULD NOT INSTALL THE 2002 UPDATE.

In connection with 2002 IRS tax form related changes, no printing related or other updates were required for 2002. So, users who have updated thru the 2001 updates should be ready for printing their 2002 IRS forms out of Advanced Accounting 5.1.

2002 downloads: (free but requires 2000-2001 updates)

2002 update

An update that all Advanced Accounting 5.1 users should install regardless of whether they have installed any updates since purchasing 5.1 was released on 8/29/02 (see further details below). This update is however included in the 2002 updates above as well.

2001 and prior update information (5.12c and prior)

The 2000 (ver. 5.12b) and 2001 (ver. 5.12c) updates were released in January, 2002. Extensive new features have been released for both years along with significant year end payroll updates as well as changes that go into effect on January 1, 2002.

Extensive, cumulative documentation has also been added which covers all features that have been added since the initial 5.1 release and which includes some of the latest operating system specific tech support information. The on-line help files are shipped with the updates. HTML and printable PDF versions are also available below.

2001 and prior downloads: (password protected - purchase required)

2001 update (including payroll update)
2001 payroll only update
2001/prior Quotes & Contacts
2001/prior Addsum utilities
2000 update
97-99 update

(once installed, these should not be re-installed)

Update archives (this information is also included in the detailed information
detailed information section.

Advanced Accounting 5.1 updates 1/1/97 to 12/31/97 (text file)
Advanced Accounting 5.1 updates 1/1/98 to 12/31/98 (text file)
Advanced Accounting 5.1 updates 1/1/99 to 12/31/99 (text file)
Free update for all users

Advanced Accounting 5.1 ALL user update 8/29/02 - contains an updated front end menu program that patches several security issues, new/updated reindex program, updated reclose and clear data programs. If you have installed the updates thru 2002, then you do not need to also install this update.

Ordering information

To order an update, please click below on either the run-time order form (applicable for most users) or the source code order form then print, complete and fax to us at 801-277-4220 or just call us at 888-923-3786 and we will fax the forms to you for completion or simply take your order over the phone.

Source updates include an in-house runtime copy. NOTE TO DEALERS: your accounts must separately purchase runtime updates.

(PDF format requires a previously installed version of the free Adobe Acrobat reader.)

Order forms (PDF format):

For 2003 payroll update, call 888-923-3786 or see our Store page.
Run-time updates order form (or call us)
Source updates order form (or call us)