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For urgent support requests, please call 801-277-9240.
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(this is a six digit number that you can find on the license screen when your software loads up if Adv/TAS 5.0 or Adv/TAS 5.1; for Adv 6.1/7i this is a seven digit number; if are requesting support for a version that is before 5.0 or relates to something else, enter 999999 here)
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Technical support contract and subscription & support inquiries receive the highest level of priority. Per incident requires that prior arrangements have been made. If an item is classified as a bug report which cannot be duplicated at our end or which for whatever reason we do not believe is a bug, we will notify you and a decision can at that point be made as to how to proceed. A tech support status of "Other" may lead to an indication that tech support arrangements will need to be made depending on whether the problem is within the 30 day period from purchase of a product, for example.