Addsum FTP site

This section is for ADDSUM customers for the purpose of support and program updates.

Note: The links below are not available 24-7. We use our internal FTP server for specific support situations and for customer security and other reasons, so it is used solely on an as needed basis.

To download a file, click on the Downloads link below and simply click on the file that you wish to download.
(Please don't save into your \WINDOWS\DESKTOP or equivalent subdirectory!)

If you cannot "see" a Downloads option below, Norton Internet Security or a similar program might be filtering it out from view. Please call us at 801-277-9420 or e-mail us at to report any problems you may experience. You may also try typing (or copying/pasting) into your browser to view the download directory.


To upload a file to us, after clicking on the Uploads link below, see if your browser then has an "upload file" option under File. If not, try dragging and dropping the file or copying it (CTL-C) and pasting it (CTL-V). Be sure to send us an E-mail after you've uploaded the file letting us know that it is there.


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