DBA Classic (or Evo-ERP) EDI interface updates

Last updated September 10, 2008

The DBA Classic EDI module from originally from DBA Software is designed to facilitate the transfer of incoming sales orders from a DBA user's trading partner. It was specifically designed to work with Technology Management Programs's (TMP) CandoEDI software.
As an independent software developer, we developed the DBA-side interface in collaboration with TMP at the request of DBA. The initial DBA interface was released during the latter half of 1999. Continuously since that time we made updates to the interface and assisted in providing EDI module related support.
Since the 2002.4 release of DBA Classic, DBA Software has indicated that it does not plan to offer further updates to DBA Classic's EDI module. So, we are continuing to provide updates to address problems, facilitate use of the interface and to add new features and related enhancements. These updates have nothing to do with the DBA "Next-Generation" product that lacks EDI functionality. These updates are compatible with Evo-ERP.
Updates have been released for the calendar years 2004 and 2005. Some 2006-2007 updates have been released which are free for users who have purchased the 2004-2005 updates. Ongoing updates are planned and support for the DBA-EDI interface is ongoing.
More information about the DBA Classic EDI module:
DBA Classic EDI module FAQ's
DBA Classic EDI module general info
2006-2007 update information
Updates to the ED-B and ED-D options have been released. There is no charge for this update for users who have purchased the 2004-2005 updates. Contact us at support@addsuminc.com or call us at 800-648-6258 for more information.
2005 update information
Updates for 2005 have been completed and are available for purchase. The 2004 updates (see feature list in the 2004 section) must be purchased before the 2005 updates can be installed. The primary new feature of the 2005 updates relates to the ability (for the first time in DBA Classic) to be able to send purchase orders to vendors that require orders be initiated via EDI; however there are other new features as well. New features include:
SO-C (Print packing slips)
Print the customer EDI reference # (does not involve any physical changes to report formats)
ED-B (Import EDI Orders)
Default ship via and FOB from the customer record and customer assigned salesperson changes; populate the terms descrption
ED-C (Edit EDI orders)
New customer and vendor lookups, EDI # validation
ED-E (Export Sales Invoices/Purchase Orders)
New Sales Order Invoices (default) and Purchase Order processing buttons. Purchase order option allows you to export all purchase orders not previously exported relating to your EDI vendors. Synchronized updates have been made to the CandoEDI software by TMP to seamlessly bring purchase order information created by this option into CandoEDI.
ED-F (Enter EDI Trading Partner info)
This option now allows you to maintain information about your EDI vendors and to set them up for use in exporting your purchase orders.
2004 update information
Updates for 2004 have been completed and are available now. These include:
ED-B (Import EDI Orders)
Ship date sent by trading partner is saved into each line item
Customer reference number import problem resolved
Internal number sequence when importing a "kit" item resolved
Integration with new store/ship codes option (see ED-F)
ED-C (Edit EDI Orders)
New editing options and capabilities
Screen changes/enhancements
Store/ship code as sent by trading partner now displayed
ED-D (Convert EDI Orders to Sales Orders)
Transfer a range of EDI orders (all if desired)
Internal changes to ensure that kit types and lines with blank part codes do not stop a transfer
ED-E (Export Invoices)
Re-designed processing screen with new options
List EDI invoices that are ready to export
Add EDI invoice to be posted (allows an EDI invoice to be easily re-exported)
ED-F (Enter Customer EDI info)
New options added
Add store/ship to addresses that are now truly linked to your master EDI customer/trading partner
(store numbers/ID's no longer have to be generic customer codes)
List store/ship to addresses linked to an EDI partner
Reassign your previously entered generic store number customer codes (store addresses do not have to be reentered)
Updates do not include support (except for any required assistance needed to install them).
DBA Software no longer supports this module. Support is however available from us on a prepaid basis for the DBA EDI module and in accordance with our normal support policies. Support costs/options are outlined on our store page.
Custom programming
We routinely provide custom programming services to provide improved functionality and efficiency to meet your internal and/or trading partner requirement including printing UCC labels directly from your DBA Classic EDI module. The greatest level of automation can be achieved through custom integration which a system like DBA Classic (and Advanced Accounting) allows. Contact us for further information.
Ordering information
The 2004 updates (cost $150; sent via e-mail or FTP download) can be ordered from our Store page. Or just call us at 888-923-3786 or 800-648-6258 for other ordering options.
The 2005 updates (cost $100; sent via e-mail or FTP download; requires prior purchase of the 2004 Addsum updates above) can also be ordered in the same way as above.
The 2006-2007 updates are free for users who have purchased the above updates.