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Addsum Avanced Accounting 8

Addsum utilities for Advanced Accounting 8
The popular Addsum utilities is a separate low cost add-on that integrates with standard Advanced Accounting and provides special options such as the ability to unpost a sales invoice and options that help with identifying or fixing out of balance situations. Because they evolved as a separate set of utilities for prior versions of Advanced Accounting (dating as far back as 1994), users have become used to finding them in this self-contained module.
Once installed, the Addsum utilities option under module UT (option G) becomes immediately operational and when selected, a menu will appear in place of the normal menu caption as shown above. Options can then be selected from this menu.
The unpost invoice and unpost customer payment options alone are for most users easily worth the small cost of these utilities.
Requirements: Advanced Accounting 8 (also available for versions 7i, 6.1 and 5.1) must first be installed.
Cost/order: The cost of the utilities is $99 ($49 if upgrading from prior version of Advanced Accounting). To order either call us at 800-648-6258 or order from our Store page.
Program options:
Sales Invoice utilities
Unpost Sales Invoice
Change pending SO cust code
Delete range of S/Os
Change salesperson
General ledger utilities
Mark cleared deposits
Balance AP and AR with GL
Balance detail by GL account
Check COA to detail
Find GL out of balances
One-sided G/L entry
Balance inventory with GL
Clear Budget
GL Balance by Day report
Accounts Receivable utilities
Merge AR Customers
Check for Duplicate AR Inv
Fix AR statement
Unpost AR payment
AR inv his/line/transaction file integrity
AR transaction to GL integrity
Recalc cust sales YTD/LYR
Inventory utilities
Synchronize IC units
Pending S/O line items
Zap binary zeroes
Check for Bad GL Account (Merge Inventory Codes is now a standard menu item rather than here)
Check for Negative Units
Check for duplicate locations
Location to movement comparison
Job synch utility
Job code cross-check
Purchase Orders utilities
PO hist/lines/integrity check
Delete range of purchase orders
Accounts Payable utilities
Merge A/P Vendors
Recalc Purch YTD/LYR
General utilities
Fix blank records
Check for open files
Change terms
Set oplocks
Check file integrity
Export file names for Ops mode
Brief description of some of the above options:
Unpost a sales invoice: Reverses the posting process of a previously posted sales invoice. (Audit trail remains.)
Delete range of sales orders: Allows a user to delete a range of sales orders.
Change salesperson: Allows you to change or transfer the salesperson number assigned to customers, pending sales orders, recurring sales orders, and optionally AR aging and sales invoice history from a prior salesperson number to a new one.
Mark cleared deposits: Facilitates the marking of deposited checks as an aid to bank reconciliation.
Balance AP and AR with GL: Assists in verifying AP and AR balances.
Balance detail by GL account: Assists in reconciling chart of account balances to GL detail.
Find GL out of balances: Tracks down any/all out of balance entries in your GL detailed trial balance file for a given date range.
One-sided G/L entry: For use in exceptional situations.
Balance inventory with GL: Reconcile inventory value with GL inventory balances.
Clear Budget: Easy way to clear budget values.
GL balance by day report: Quickly and easily see which days in any desired date range had posting activity and verify that they were in balance.
Merge AR customer: Combine two different A/R customers into one.
Check for duplicate inv nos: Check for any duplicate assigned invoice numbers with user ability to delete.
Fix AR statement: Remove offsetting entries from customer statements. Often used when unposting sales invoices.
Unpost AR payment: Allows a user to undo a customer AR payment. (Audit trail remains.)
Synchronize IC units: Does on a global basis or for a certain range of products what a user could otherwise only do on a one-by-one basis under option G under I/C.
Pending S/O line items: Performs an integrity check to ensure that there is a matching sales order "header" record for each pending sales order line item. Removes stranded line items.
Zap binary zeroes: Binary zeroes are unseen characters that in certain alphanumeric fields can create GL posting and other problems. This utility removes them.
Check for Bad G/L Account: Checks inventory files for GL codes that either do not exist in the chart of accounts or that are in the wrong category.
Merge Inventory Codes: Combines two product/part codes into one. This option has been enhanced and is now selectable from UT-K-C.
Check For Negative Units: Identifies inventory units that are negative.
Check For duplicate locations: Identifies any duplicate (or multiple) product code-location records and allows for user controlled deletion.
Delete range of purchase orders: Similar to the sales order utility but for P/O's.
Merge A/P Vendors: Combine two vendor codes into one.
Fix blank records: Scans through certain files and removes any invalid blank or empty records.
Check for open data files: Checks to see what Advanced Accounting files are currently open.
Change terms: Globally change a terms number to another terms number throughout the system.
Set oplocks: See Addsum OpLockSet Utility.
Check file integrity: Scan data to determine physical integrity of any or all files within a given dataset.

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