Troubleshooting installation problems
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Here are some of the issues we've found with users who have had difficulties installing the updates (in the vast majority of cases, the user did not encounter any problems, i.e. these are the exceptions):

Not understanding how to download a file from the web site and not knowing how to run a self-extracting EXE file (if installing from the web)

Installing the updates when other users are in the system creating problems with data file restructuring and/or with being able to physically install the updated RUN programs

Trouble installing files that were previously marked as "read only" or the user who is installing does not have sufficient user rights (in one case involving a Novell system, the updates had to be run on the user's local C: drive - note in doing this it is critical that default dictionary path and file location settings are drive letter indepenent, otherwise those must be changed before doing this)

Installing to a back-up copy of the software where some software settings were still pointing to a "live copy" (example: user makes a back-up to a different directory but has default dictionary path setting that points back to the "live" system - so the update puts the RUN programs into the backed up directory but restructures the dictionary in the "live" system)

The FILELOC "location" setting has been changed by via the maintain file location utility or via maintain database to point to the wrong directory, an invalid directory or in any event a directory that is different where the system is installed

The user is running other software that interferes with the install program's ability to run through complete (Norton Anti-Virus had to be disabled in one case)

The user interrupts the installation program before it is able to complete itself (the license screen appears and the user cancels the installation at the point and does not allow the install to continue

COMMAND.COM is not in the user's path and can't be loaded (the install programs were changed to attempt to overcome this possible problem)