Summary of what is new for 2001
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This is an overview of 2001 changes (some of the changes made were sweeping, impacting many different programs for similar things and therefore this summary will be more topical in nature rather than containing program by program information - see also however the Special topics section for more detailed information on some features including program specific information):


This is an extensive internal change which moves essentially all of the average cost tracking form the inventory master record to each location. This change is essential for accurate cost tracking when users use different GL asset accounts for their locations (as it was otherwise impossible to support the GL through an inventory detail report) as well as for commission and other cost of goods sold tracking by location or department. On multi-user systems, this change also greatly reduces record contention/locking in the inventory master (BKICMSTR) file and also eliminates synchronization problems that in the past could occur between the inventory master and the inventory location files. The inventory option G (adjust inventory program) has been completely re-written as a result of this change and all programs that compute or refer to average cost have been updated.


Previously there was no mechanism to manage master locations in terms of adding a new one nor adding or deleting them en masse. New master location management functions provide this ability and users can no longer inadvertently add an on the fly location.


W-2 forms (continuous and laser) and W-3 forms changed to comply with many IRS related changes

New W-2 feature to be able to print any deduction into Box 14 with user defined description; new ability to select an employee range when printing W-2's (ideal for "re-prints" in the event only one or two W2's are incorrect or didn't print correctly for some reason)

The "Pay summary" option in the payroll history report was not including commissions/bonuses and this has been fixed.

Updated program logic and/or tax table updates for the following states/jurisdictions that include: California, DC, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Vermont.


New "add/chg/del User Permission" option allows users to control user abilities like never before and represents a major new capability of the system. User permissions can be set by individual logons or an entire security level with the ability to fine tune access/abilities/rights within various programs. Users with multiple offices/locations have the ability to limit access to certain departments or inventory locations. System managers/administrators can now control whether users can change or override credit limits, whether they can delete line items or change salesperson codes or terms, whether they can view credit card information, etc.


New program option that allows end user to directly change their own passwords which encourages users to change their passwords more frequently and which eases administrator burden.


Front end menu program changes to resolve several security problems and resolve several other problems.


This report program has been completely overhauled with new features to sort by post date and number.


(this is not a list of all programs that have been changed - many, many programs have been changed/updated that are not listed here as result of the average cost and user permission changes)

GL-K Check register record locking related change

BKAP1099 1099 progam updated for IRS changes

Salesperson look-up written (impacts AR-A, SO-A, SO-I, AR-I etc.) to resolve problem of Windows mode problem whereby the salesperson look-up list would stop if it encountered an employee who had been terminated

AR-A Improved credit card validation
AR-E minor change to help speed printing

BM-D Fix endless loop problem when running a range of items or when running all items

IC-A locations can no lonager be added on the fly (there is a new program under IC-M where master locations are managed, deletion of price matrix records if inventory record is not saved, multi-supplier entry (ALT-M or available thru the PageDn menu)

IC-L inventory transfer date was not being checked for the allowable fiscal year

PO-A No price change is allowed if a quantity has been received on a line item (very important change); do not allow user to change product codes on existing line items; remove all unnecessary locks on BKICLOC and BKICMSTR

PO-D resolve problem of being able to close a PO when a note was attached to a message line

POS-B enlarged subtotal and total fields; new logic to accumulate payment types, fix for key number

PR-A clarify use of tips fields (see also PR-B)

PR-B Idaho & Missouri changes (mid-year); cannot combine meals and tips together otherwise W-2's cannot properly segregate SS tips

PR-C - type 'B' variable change for BKPRTIME (for code consistency)

PR-D X-out SSN option

PR-N one of the report options was not including bonuses/commissions

FUTA/SUTA Wage Report overhauled, added support to round wages, option to export to file, fix for reporting relating to tax preferred items

SO-A - put SO printing into separate program (BKSOPRT), which for now is accessed only by SO-A for maintenance and because of BKSOA size; fixed customer code validation issues when changing customer codes on an existing sales order; do not allow user to change product codes on existing line items; remove all unnecessary locks on BKICLOC and BKICMSTR; add option to show only the last 4 digits of a credit card number when bringing into a message line; add credit card validation similar to that in AR-A; Windows mode warning;

Allow freight only invoice from SO-A, remove the temporary file lock BKSOLOCK as unnecessary allowing simultaneous printing by any number of users on a multi-user system

SO-G added further protection against duplicate invoice numbers being posted/saved into the history file

SO-I do not allow negative quantities, updated with features similar to SO-A including option to show only the last 4 digits of a credit card number, add credit card validation

SY-F allow departments to be created even if some already exist; do not allow deletion of an account that has a balance; program logic changes

SY-L in the year end routine, fix for rolling up the beginning balances of any untransferred sales taxes, for both sales taxes and commissions roll up to the first fiscal year month rather than January (significant for companies that are not on a calendar year); checking to help prevent running SY-L more than once in a fiscal year.

BKBEGINV dovetails with changes made to IC-G (this is however a program that should be used by new users only)