Summary of what is new for 2004
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To accommodate 2004 payroll changes, see the 2004 payroll changes and related sections.


AP-B - allow access to individual GL distribution lines; internal changes relating to backing our prior year vouchers

AP-C - fix relating to type E (end of month) terms, validation/user interface improved

AP-N - newer terms file handling added

AP-O - when voiding a check, create an AP aging record


SO-B - new option to only show those pending sales orders that are ready to ship
SO-K - when scrolling thru history by customer whether from AR-A or SO-K directly, sequence was previously not in customer (code) plus invoice date sequence - fixed


AR-B - internal changes related to backing out prior year vouchers
AR-C - credits are now saved in the AR check history file; process of applying credits simplified

AR labels (AR-J) - some logic changes have been added to correct how these programs determine whether an account is active or not; give user control as to various settings when processing 3 column labels

AR-M - new recalculation option


IC-A - new feature that allows you to automatically create locations based on the established DEFAULT record (you create that record within IC-A itself)
IC-C - new ability to specifiy a location range as well as user interface enhancements; new option/report within IC-C for sales detail by date so that you can drill down and see the details behind the montly summary numbers reported by the main IC-C programs and obtain invoice number, customer code, location, unit, extension and other information.
IC-E - new option to skip units that have zero quantities


PR-GL interface (SY-D)
- some logic has been added to help ensure that users have input the latest OASDI/FICA limit.

PR-B - recalculates tips/meals when editing pending payroll records, offers choice allowing user not to recalculate withholding when editing; changes made to various state calculations

PR-C - shows tips/meals on employee salary and deduction side of the payroll register, as well as WC withholding

PR-G - W-2/W-3 updates


PO-B and PO-G
- fix to the from/thru filter (otherwise numbers outside the valid range may print)


SY-D - defaults and validation relating to FICA limits


UT-H - new capabilities and options when reporting on notes, mainly sorting and including name/description information relating to the note being printed