State (2003)
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There are a changes in a number of states as of January 1, 2003. Some of these involve internal hard coded program logic and others relate to "table" changes (an updated table is included with the update).

California - table changes and internal logic changes to support table based changes

Connecticut - support for filing status F, other major changes (not necessarily related to 2003 but needed for appropriate withholding); Connecticut rates changed 3/1/03 and again 7/1/03 (latest updated includes changes effective 7/1/03)

Kentucky - standard deduction change

Louisiana - significant internal logic change to comply with LAC 61:I.1501.

Oklahoma - significant programmatic changes and rate/bracket changes

Massachusetts - rate and personal exemption programming changes (included in July 2003 update)

Maine - table change

Michigan - rate and personal exemption programming change

Minnesota - withholding allowance programming change

Missouri - standard deduction programming changes (also change made in PR-A made to allow a "B" entry under M/S - see Missouri/Mississippi 2003 special topic for further information)

New Mexico - withholding allowance programming change

North Dakota - withholding allownace programming change

Rhode Island - withholding allowance programming change

Vermont - withholding allowance programming change