Post 2001 release updates
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Information about program bug updates made since the very first 2000-2001 release and incorporated into the 2001 updates are outlined below (listed chronologically). Some of these relate to fixes for newly introduced items, some relate to previously existing issues. Users who have purchased the updates and who do not have customized systems should periodically check this section on the web site and download the latest ADVRPOST.EXE in the General Downloads section on the web site. The exact link is:

(developers should send an E-mail request to
to obtain the corresponding source updates)

PO-A - there was a problem with being able to save a purchase order with messages lines - this has been resolved (1/15/02)

SO-A - upon entering the terms of a sales order, the program now does some credit limit checking but was doing so even when the customer had no credit limit - this has been resolved (1/15/02)

DDF's - these are important for users who may be using Crystal Reports or some other software to access the data outside of the software - these have been added to the 2001 standard run updates. See also the topic accessing data outside of system. (1/17/02)

BM-F - a minor but significant change was made relating to the parent part's location value which then impacts average cost (all BOM users need this update before building/unbuilding with the 5.12c release (1/18/02)

Salesperson look-up in SO-A, SO-I, SO-M, AR-A and AR-I - this look-up had been previously changed because of a display problem in the Windows mode, however, in the DOS/text mode, selected salesperson codes were not bringing brought into the underlying field (1/21/02)

AR-C - when saving to the new AR check history file, the program was stopping and asking for invoice details when non-sales history transactions were involved (for example, finance charges); this has been updated and substantially improved internally and also now check the AR voucher file as well as the sales order history file for terms information (1/21/02)

IC-A - for the Windows mode, the button for ALT-M has to be displayed as @M in order for it to be "clickable"; DOS/text users will still see ALT-M. Note that this shows in the function list only when adding a new product. While there isn't a display which indicates ALT-M is available for existing products, in the Ctrl-PgDn (^PgDn) options, it can be selected there as option 7 which does also indicate that it is available as ALT-M (1/21/02)

QUOTE option B - in addition to the salesperson look-up issue, when creating a quote from an existing quote, the note number from the prior quote was not being cleared which then tied the old note number to the new line item (1/21/02)

Addsum utilities "unpost" program - the unpost program was not saving out records to the inventory movements file (1/21/02)

AR-C - eliminated any need for any user interface with AR check history file (1/23/02)

IC-A - screen not mounted problem when adding more than one type "N" item in a row without leaving the program, Windows mode has never shown type "N" GL codes when first bringing up an existing item and this has been fixed, user restricted to a location was not able to add a location record preventing them from being able to add an inventory item at all, some random GL code validation quirkiness resolved (1/23/02)

SO-A, SO-I, PO-A, Quote-B - when changing/editing a line item, wasn't hitting validation creating problems especially in SO-A with the system thinking that it needed to check units for non-inventoriable items, users restricted to a location could edit other locations and could delete line items related to other locations (resolved on all accounts), in quote option B the program "where" location wasn't looking in the central system file as with other programs (1/23/02)

IC-A - additional internal changes to further simplify/improve GL validation especially for GL accounts with departments (1/25/02)

Quote printing - minor change to the separate quote printing program BKQUPRT (introduced with 2001 updates) the fixes a problem concerning the printing of the user's phone/fax numbers on the quote. (1/28/02)

SO-J - the generate recurring sales order program was still updating the inventory master file, internal key change for consistency (1/28/02)

Quote transfer (option C) - when transferring a quote with a type "N" item, the program was trying to find a location record relating to a user permission check (1/28/02)

Special utilities when user has more than one company - certain special utility programs called during 2000 and 2001 installation were only updating the "main" or default company and not running thru the data of other companies; also in the 2000 updates, the QUOTEL (quote line items) and BKARRIVL (recurring sales order line items file) were not being internally re-numbered. The 2000 internal update programs BK2000 and BKLNENUM were updated as well as 2001 programs BK2001 and BKCVAVGC. The ADV2000.EXE and ADV2001.EXE install programs have been updated and users who install on/after this date using the EXE's dated 1/28/02 via files downloaded from the web site will have the latest updates; users who have already run the updates should NOT run them again - the only thing that those users should do is to run the BKCVAVGC in each and every company OTHER THAN their main/default company. The BKCVAVGC.RUN is the only one of these utility programs that is in the ADVRPOST.EXE for this purposes and has been updated so that if it is run standalone, it will provide an appropriate warning message. Your BKICLOC.B* files should be backed up before running BKCVAVGC.RUN. The normal 2001 install automatically deletes BKCVAVGC.RUN automatically and if run manually, we recommend that you delete it as well to avoid the possibility of it being run accidentally again in the future. (1/28/02)

Addsum utilities menu and unpost program - were updated to check for a logon code which could otherwise prevent a user from using ALT-1 to go into some programs. (1/30/02)

AP-A - minor change to reset the user logon code which otherwise would prevent a user with logon codes from looking at pending PO's (1/30/02)

Main menu program - when using ALT-1 from a running program, the main menu program would lose the user's logon code and therefore could defeat security and user permission checking (fixed); when "logging in again" or changing companies, use of ALT-1 could bypass user logon/password entry (fixed) (1/30/02)

SO-A - when BOM was enabled, the user permission that otherwise does not allow a user to go negative was not being tested. (2/11/02)

Addsum utilities - in the IC synch, PO and SO delete utilities, a small change was made to ensure that line item types where notes are attached to message lines were being correctly handled; the files BKARINVL and BKAPPOL were added to the zap binary zeroes program along with various screen and user message changes. (2/12/02)