2001 Payroll only
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This update was provided for users who wanted to install the prior updates at different time (because of the desire, for example, to immediately print W-2's or receive update payroll withholding logic for initial 2002 payrolls or because the user had customizations that would take some additional time to coordinate before the other updates are installed.)

To install the 2001 payroll only updates, you would run the ADVP2001.EXE from the CD (as we have as of April, 2002 removed it as an option from the CD directly inasmuch as the 2001updates include those updates); if running from the web or E-mail, run ADVP2001.EXE (requires a password - if you do not have it call us 888-923-3786 or send an E-mail to support@addsuminc.com).

This installation will automatically run an install program that will launch the Advanced Accounting engine. When you see your license, simply press the ENTER key and allow the process to complete.

Users who have installed the 2001 update do NOT need to install this file.