Louisiana set-up issues (2003 special topic)
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Use of some of Advanced Accounting "special exemption" fields is critical for the withholding to work properly. In the state of Louisiana's Revenue Information Bulletin No. 02-022 dated December 16, 2002, two examples are provided relating to a married employee claiming dependents and a single person claiming no dependents. In order for the withholding to work properly, here is how the employee might be set-up in Advanced Accounting 5.1:

Example 1 - married employee, claiming self, spouse and two children

Note that the "St" state tax exemption is used for Louisiana's personal exemptions, and should be limited to 0, 1 or 2 (the program will allow you to input more than 2, but the updated PR option B will still act as though a "2" was input. A value of 0 or 1 in this field will produce the same results. The field "SSEx" is where depedent credits can be entered and this can be zero or greater and the withholding is in part dependent on the number entered here.


Example 2 - single employee

Note here the "St" (state tax exemptions) field simply has a 1 and the SSEx and St Exm are blank.