Cumulative 97-99 remainder part II
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S/Y-A Enter/Chg Company Info

Printing company info. on P/O's was previously linked to the same
field as that for invoices and statements. Separated this out with
new option under sub-menu choice " C - Enter/Change A/P P/O Defaults"

Under sub-menu option " D - Enter/Change Checking Accounts" provided
two new screen fields that allow the user to force either A/P or P/R
checks to a laser so that regardless of what other settings exist,
the laser format will be utilized in either DOS or Windows mode. Allows
user to correctly preview in a screen list how the check will

New option to provide users the ability to look at each of the A,B,C and D
screens without forcing other users to exit out of what they are doing.

Automatic check to make sure duplicate records in BKSYMSTR do not exist.

Fix re: question about resetting fiscal year date; ensure that the fiscal
year start date beings with "01"; ensure that a valid RUN program path
is input so that system is not potentially disabled.

Disable check for changes related questions, i.e. set automatically to
false (they create move potential havoc than solve problems)

In connection with the question relating to whether you want company
name and address to print on invoices and statements, provide new option
"Z" that allows users to NOT include company name, etc. on invoices
but DO include that information on statements.

Change in day "01" validation in the event an international style
date is being used.

Resolve potential locking problem when running the system supplemental
program; G/L look-up lists were not starting at the appropriate G/L
"type"; program was not validating G/L codes; update similar to that
made in BKSYD; fix retained earnings look-up problem.

Integration with new active/inactive feature.

S/Y-B Enter/Chg Terms Info

Prevent entry of a terms number of "zero"

S/Y-C Enter/Chg Password Info

Ensures that passwords are entered in UPPER CASE otherwise password
validation will not work and users can easily lock themselves out of the

Update for quotes and reports security levels (15 and 16).


New fax number field added. 5/99

Allow user to enter a control date even if it is before the fiscal year
start date 12/99

S/Y-D Enter/Chg PR/GL Interface

Provide new vacation/sick accrual rate - "F" fixed or flat per pay period.
Accrues hours at a flat rate.

F2 look-up for G/L codes sometimes starts at the end of the list making
it look like G/L list is "blank" - resolved.

Integration with new active/inactive features.

S/Y-E Create/Chg G/L Accounts

Automatically "set" a G/L code's debit/credit based on whether it is
an A,L,O,I or E - previously the program allowed the user to change
an expense account, for example, from a [D]ebit to a [C]redit. Even
if an expense account is a contra account, it must remain a [D]ebit
or the financial statements will not print correctly. User no longer
needs to input anything into in this field, program operation will
set it up automatically.)

Changes similar to BKGLA, show fiscal year start/beg date on screen for
reference, clean-up screens.

Integration with new active/inactive features; new entry field.

S/Y-J Multi Company Maint

Creates Q*.B* files as well as BK*.B* files when adding/deleting

S/Y-K Year End Routines

Program was not clearing out all sales tax collected fields

Added additional warning re: clearing of salesperson and tax authority

S/Y-N Purge Old A/R & A/P Records

Provide warning that we recommend users do NOT purge A/R and A/P

Re-compile only in light of past structure changes.


BKAP1099 (print 1099's)

Major updates/changes including ability to output in magnetic media
format for most common type of 1099. Ability to "review" amounts
and to use check history or last year purchase amounts and to match
1099 type to vendor record. 7/97

Cosmetic change re: updating screen to show "type" selected. 12/97

Significant formatting updates, new laser option. 1/99

BKPRW2 (option L)

Fixed for position of medicare withholding amounts when generating file.


BKSYNOTE.RUN - fixed for harmless message that occurs when something
is typed into a note and then the ESCape key is pressed

Make your own report - the "filter" applied to a report would not work,
problem fixed in the BKMKRPT.RUN (source not available).


Utilities option H (TAS NOTES) - updated to allow for "code" range

ALT-I (from anywhere within Advanced Accounting) now shows
units on backorder as well as other units information