2001 Change user password

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This is a new menu/program option included with the 2001 update. The "Other" option is the last menu option (except for Logon again) and was formerly labeled EXEC in the menu and REPORTS in security (in the second screen of the security level maintenance program).

This option allows a user to change their own password. Only the password of the logged on user can be changed and the end user of course cannot in any way provide themselves with any increases right of privileges through the use of this option. This encourages end users to change their password frequently and whenever they feel that their password may have been for whatever reason compromised. This option further eases the burden of having to change any given individual's password and eliminates the need to have to even communicate the password change. The system administrator of course can still see what any end user's password at any time should the need arise for whatever reason.

It is strongly recommended that you enable this option in every security level so that every user will have access to it.