Causes of data file corruption
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The potential causes are many, here is a sample list:

Faulty hardware (one bad network card anywhere on the network can create havoc; bad memory chips, motherboards, hard drives, hard drive controller, hub, network wiring)

Failure to use a UPS on every PC on the network - and a power blip occurs

Opportunistic locking

Running different versions of Btrieve (which are accessing the same data files) within the same environment/network

Old or defective network drivers

Software conflicts

Anti-virus software running in the background and scanning data files

Network-user rights/shareability


Electrical/magnetic interference - for example wiring crossing or PC's near fluorescent lighting, copy machines or soft drink machines on the same circuit as any of your PC's; lightning storms, electrical surges/spikes of all kinds, boom boxes located too closely to network hardware

Importing data into Advanced Accounting data files via ODBC or third party software

Anything that causes a blue screen of death or that makes your PC "freeze" or that causes your PC to lose its network connection