Anti-virus software
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It is essential that anti-virus software NOT be set to scan the directory where Advanced Accounting is installed; it is especially critical that Advanced Accounting's data files are not scanned in the background during normal day to day use. Advanced Accounting's data file have a *.B* extension. Adjust your anti-virus software to not scan files with this extension. Better yet, only have your anti-virus scan your Advanced Accounting directory on an "on demand basis.

Sometimes problems are reported with Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) in terms of decreased performance and some sites report random crashing when printing with NAV. Simply disabling NAV may not be enough; to troubleshoot a problem that may involve NAV, you may need to completely uninstall it.

The error Windows error message:

Exception ERES not found in module TP5WIN.EXE

appears to be linked to NAV 4.0 and should you encounter this message, you will need to completely uninstall NAV on the PC experiencing the problem.