Accessing data outside of software
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The standard versions of Crystal Reports (at least thru version 7) previously provided the easiest way to access the data outside of Advanced Accounting however this requires a set of DDF (FILE.DDF, FIELD.DDF and INDEX.DDF) which have historically been provided with the software. A cumulative, updated set of DDF's has been added to the 2001 runtime installation (January 17, 2002). A set of DDF's need to be placed in each data directory that you wish to access in this manner.

It is possible to access the data files using ODBC however that will become user with future versions. It is not advisable however to import data into Advanced Accounting via ODBC and data corruption could result.

Note that the very nature of the DDF files could lead to a security problem/issue, i.e. they could provide someone with access to your data. Users who may be concerned about that may want to delete the DDF files. (The DDF files are in no way required to run Advanced Accounting.)