2004 (5.12f)
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To install the 2004 updates, from the CD simply select the 2004 option or the instructions that come with the CD; if running from the web or E-mail, run ADV2004.EXE (requires a password - if you do not have it call us 888-923-3786 or send an E-mail to support@addsuminc.com).

The 2004 updates include the payroll updates; users can install the payroll only updates. This includes various updates for federal and state withholding changes as of January 1, 2004. Users should have installed at least payroll updates thru 2001 before installing this update. W-2/W-3 forms have also changed for 2004.

See the 2004 payroll changes section for more information or click on one of the links below:


The 2004 update also includes preliminary changes for states that have published changes by mid-December, 2004 that will go into effect January 1, 2005. The 2004 updates does not include within it an updated federal table since that table should not be implemented until after W-2's are printed and the user is ready to process the first 2005 payroll. To receive a copyof our December 2004 bulletin outlining what changes should be made starting 1/1/05, please call us.

This installation will automatically run an install program that will launch the Advanced Accounting engine. When you see your license, simply press the ENTER key and allow the process to complete.

The cost for the 2004 updates is $75. This includes any/updates that may be released during the year (requires that you later download an updated ADV2004.EXE and reinstall - do not however reinstall any other updates!).