2001 Multiple suppliers
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In past versions Advanced Accounting, users could enter a manufacturer code and could enter a "last cost" and "last vendor" when adding a new inventory item. When entering a purchase order, the system would then simply use whatever the last cost was for that item.

This creates management problems for users in that the last cost may have been a special or unusual cost and may not necessary be the supplier's normal or "catalog" cost. Further it did not provide an ability to keep track of different supplier part or SKU numbers nor a different cost based on the supplier/vendor that from which an inventory item may be purchased.

An entirely new option exists in the Ctl-PgDn ("Information options") which can also be directly accessed via ALT-M. This allows an end user to manage the supplier from which a part is purchased. The supplier/vendor must exist as a vendor under AP-A to be added here. The supplier/vendor's part code can be entered along with the last cost, catalog cost, the date last updated and optional comment.

The same supplier/vendor code can only be entered once for a given inventory item. When entering purchase orders (PO-A), the default cost for the item will be the catalog cost if one has been entered for the supplier/vendor (otherwise it will be the product's overall last cost as in prior versions). When receiving a purchase order, the last cost and date last updated will automatically be updated (both of which are provided simply for reference).

When printing a purchase order (PO-B) and toggling the printing of manufacturer codes on, if you have entered a supplier's part code, that code will be print instead of the manufacturer code (otherwise, the manufacturer code will print as before).

Developer notes: Program changes involved BKICA, BKPOA, BKPOB and BKPOD. The new data file layout is BKICVEND.