2001 Maintain IC master locations
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This is a new option (IC-M) starting with 2001. Through this option, master inventory locations can be added.

The adding of inventory master locations "on the fly" are no longer possible in IC-A. Instead use this option to add or delete a master location.

With these options, users have powerful new tools to manage inventory locations and better control the addition of new master locations.

Each option has a front screen providing operation information that will not be repeated here. When adding a location, you can set-up the GL codes in three ways:

·By basing them on some other existing location code (the program will use the first "other" location code that it finds)  

·Same as above but with the ability to specify a different department code (these codes need to have already been created in the system via SY-E).  

·Based on whatever GL codes that you enter into this program - in this event, the program will attempt to find your DEFAULT record under IC-A and use those location codes.  

If you just want to add a location without necessarily adding to any existing locations, simply type in the name next to "New location to add:" and you will be asked if this is a new master location. After you answer "Y"es, the new location is in the master inventory file and you can simply press ESCape at that point if you do not want to add the master location to all or a portion of your existing
inventory database.

In attempting to create new inventory locations, the add utility checks among other things for valid GL codes and if those are not found, the new location records will not be created. If there are any errors, at the end of the utility the program will notify you and you will then be able to see a log of the errors that were found so that corrective action can be taken.

In deleting locations, note that you cannot delete the blank location with the utility. Further if you attempt to delete a location that has units, it will add those units to an existing blank location record (or create a blank location record if necessary) and it will change the location to be blank in connection with any pending sales orders or purchase orders. In connection with inventory locations that contain invalid GL codes, it will also display a warning message.

Developer notes:

Three are actually three new programs:

BKICM - stub/menu program that calls the two options
BKICLOCA - add location program
BKICLOCD - delete location program