2001 W-2 changes PR-G
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The "Display W-2 history" option has been updated to change the references from box 13 to box 12 if the year is 2001 or after (this same option is available via PR-A).

IRS form W-2 changes for 2001 are:
·The over all width of the official format will increase from 7" to 8 1/2."  
·Most of the boxes have increased in width.  
·The last name is separated from the first name and middle initial in box "e."  
·All of the money boxes have pre-printed "$" on copy A.  
·Boxes 12 through 15 were all changed in position, heading or content.  
·Box 12 was renumbered to be, 12a, 12b, 12c, 12d, and is now being used to reporting the contributions made to a qualified plan.  
·Box 13 was previously box 15 and is used for reporting, "Statutory employee", "Retirement plan" and "Third -party sick pay."  
·The box 14 position changed.  
·The state boxes were all renumbered due to the above changes and now start with box 15. The state box headed "Locality name" new appears at the end of the row.  
·Continuous forms are now 9 1/2" wide overall.  

IRS form W-3 form changes for 2001 are:
·The width of the form increased from 7" to 8 1/2."  
·Box 13 was used to report 401k, Simple/401K and Simple 408(P) and is changed to now record "for third-party sick pay use only."  
·Box 14 was a blank field and is now changed to report, "Income tax withheld by payer of third-party sick pay."  
·Box 15 is now used for reporting "State" and "Employer's state ID number."  
·Boxes 16 through 19 were added for state reporting.  
·Box 16 was added to reporting "State wages, tips, etc."  
·Box 17 reports the "State income tax."  
·Box 18 is now for reporting "Local wages, tips, etc."  
·Box 19 reports the "Local income tax."  

Advanced Accounting's programs for W-2 related changes have been updated to comply with the new requirements. Note that these forms must purchased form the forms supplier of your choice (or from Advanced Accounting form suppliers).

In addition, users have the ability to have any desired deduction amount appear in Box 14 (Other) along with a user defined abbreviation description that will also print in Box 14. The lease value of a vehicle must be reported in Box 14 (or in a separate statement to the employee); otherwise use of Box 14 is completely optional and can be used for items such as state disability insurance taxes withheld, union dues, uniform payments, health insurance premiums deducted or withheld, nontaxable income, educational assistance payments, nonelective employer contributions made on behalf of an employee, voluntary after-tax contributions that are deducted from an employee's pay, required employee contributions and employer matching contributions. See IRS instructions for further information.

The W-2 programs now the ability to print only a range of employee codes. This would be used when, for example, one W-2 was not correct or didn't print properly. After not proceeding to clear employees, a user can then re-enter this program and print just the one W-2.

A new feature has also been added relative to SDI. If you answer "Y" to the SDI question, if an employee has any year-to-date SDI, it will automatically print in box 14 with the description, SDI.

NOTE: Because of the technical nature of some of the internal program code, it is possible that you may not be able to line up the printing correctly in the Windows mode. We strongly recommend printing W-2's in the DOS mode only of Advanced Accounting 5.1.

Developer notes:

BKPRG is the continuous forms program
BKPRGL is the laser form program
BKPRHW2 is the display W-2 history program