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September 22, 1999 (updated July 9, 2002 for Pervasive 2000i)
Pervasive 7/2000 conflict with DOS4G and BTRIEVE.EXE
TAS 3.0-5.1, Advanced Accounting 3.0 to 5.1 (DOS), all DBA DOS versions
Anthony J. Frates (Copyright 1999-2002 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

Users of the latest version of DBA (99.2) or any user who for whatever reason installed one of the Pervasive 2000 products (Pervasive.SQL 2000 Workstation, SDK etc. or any of the prior equivalent Pervasive 7 versions - these are in essence the latest version of the "Btrieve" engine), then found that their DOS based Btrieve 5.10a or 6.15 systems (which would include the all DOS version of DBA, versions 3.0 to 5.1 of Advanced Accounting including the Books 2.0 series and all equivalent versions of the TAS Professional development system as well which continue to be used to compile the DBA/Advanced Accounting "windows" mode version) would no longer load. (User would get the message "Can't find the error file" after launching TPC50.EXE for example.) This was despite the fact that nothing using the Pervasive 2000 software was active nor any Pervasive piece contained in memory. Previously the only solution was to completely uninstall the Pervasive 2000 product after which time the DOS based packages would then begin to function.

The conflict revolves in part around the use of the DOS4G.EXE DOS extender in the 5.0 and 5.1 versions of TAS. With the Pervasive software installed, its DOS extender is started instead of the TAS DOS4G.EXE. There also appears however to be a conflict however with BTRIEVE.EXE and so potentially this problem could happen with any DOS based software package that uses Btrieve (e.g. it has been found that a DOS version of Peachtree that uses Btrieve 5.10a will become disabled after installing the Pervasive 2000 drivers and as far as can be determined, that product does not use DOS4G.EXE). The solutions outlined below seem to resolve both conflicts.

Updated information July 9, 2002: With the release of Pervasive.SQL 2000i (or perhaps earlier when Pervasive started to release "peer" engines that could use Pervasive.SQL) this problem no longer continues to exist. On a WIN 95/98 PC/workstation, you do have to make sure that you are running the BTRBOX95 (this can be loaded "manually" from the program menu, i.e. Programs-->Pervasive-->Pervasive.SQL 2000i-->Utilities-->BtrBox95). For Windows NT/XP/2000, BTRBOX95 does not apply and the Pervasive.SQL 2000i installation will not even install it. Support is instead provided in CONFIG.NT (located in the SYSTEM32 directory under either the WINNT or WINDOWS subdirectory depending on the operating system) via the line:


The following solutions in connection with Pervasive 7/2000 were previously provided to workaround this problem in connection with WIN 95/98. With the more recent (e.g. 2000i) releases however we do NOT recommend their use. Further with NT/2000/XP, all that you need to do is to REM out the CONFIG.NT line above if you wish to use the BTRIEVE.EXE or other "DOS" support rather than use the Pervasive engine. You then do not have to re-start your PC, just close any previously existing command line prompts and the CONFIG.NT change will take place for all subsequent command line sessions.


Old option #1

  1. In the Windows Explorer View/Options menu, on the VIEW tab, make sure the "Show All Files" box is checked.
  2. While still in Explorer, open your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32 folder.
  3. Delete the file: BTRBOX95.vxd
  4. Restart Windows.

NOTE: After completing the above procedure, every time Windows restarts, you will see a message telling you that it can't find the file you just deleted. Simply press return to continue starting Windows. If you ever decide you want to try using the Pervasive 7 DOS engine, you can reverse the above procedure by copying the BTRBOX95.vxd file from \WINDOWS\SYSTEM to \WINDOWS\SYTEM\VMM32 and restarting Windows (Pervasive installs 2 copies of this file during setup). If you are running Pervasive 7 on NT Workstation, the procedure for disabling the DOS services is much simpler: find your config.nt file, and REM the line that loads the DEVICE: BTRVDRVR.SYS you don't even need to restart the computer after this procedure, just open a new DOS BOX (any DOS BOX opened prior to editing the config.nt file will have already loaded this device driver).

Old option #2

  1. Rename the following files or move them from the Pervasive path (probably in the C:\PVSW\BIN folder unless they installed to non-default paths), move them to a new directory like PSQLDOS or delete them altogether:


  2. Using REGEDIT, delete the following key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -SYSTEM-CurrentControlSet - Services - VXD - BTRBOX95

    Note - you can also rename rather than delete the key but it you do you will get a message on startup that a registry or SYSTEM.INI setting is looking for BTRBOX95.VXD and can't find it (because you got rid of it in the available path in step 1.)

  3. Reboot the workstation. Now both PSQL 2000/DBA and the DOS Btrieve applications should work, even simultaneously.

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