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September 4, 2009
Windows 2008 Server and Pervasive 9.x
Pervasive 9.x
Addsum staff (Copyright 2009 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

As Pervasive 9.x client-server users have migrated to Windows Server 2008, they logically have attempted to install their existing licensed Pervasive 9 systems on these boxes. Pervasive's official policy is:

Since Pervasive PSQL v9 does not meet the requirements as defined by Microsoft for testing, we will not be certifying or offering compatibility with Windows Server 2008. We encourage existing PSQL v9 customers to evaluate Pervasive PSQL Summit v10 moving forward.

This however does not answer the question: will it work? We have continued to support legacy Btrieve/Pervasive in officially non-supported Pervasive Software environments for well over a decade. We have numerous customers throughout the world using a variety of legacy Btrieve/Pervasive products in a variety of MS operating system environments. It has been rare that an O/S has been released where the penultimate release (which currently Pervasive 9.x is) does not work on a newly released operating system. After re-checking with Pervasive, they simply repeated their policy statement.

Because Pervasive 9.x does run under Vista (after configuring Pervasive to run as a service), logically one might think that Pervasive 9.x would therefore likely work under 2008 Server. Other than a statement by another applications provider indicating that the Pervasive v9 series was not compatible with MS 2008 Server, we were unable to find a single other report.

After some painful experimentation, it appears that in fact Pervasive 9.x and Windows 2008 Server are incompatible and will not work together. If you are an existing Pervasive 9.x user and plan to migrate to Windows 2008 Server, you will need to plan to also upgrade to a newer version of Pervasive software.

As to Advanced Accounting and TAS related products running under Windows 2008 Server, we are unaware of any other specific issues and they appear to work as expected.

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