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July 8, 2004
VDM*.TMP files
ADV/TAS 5.1 (DOS mode)
Anthony J. Frates (Copyright 2004 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

A few users have reported the existence of VDM*.TMP files in their software directories. TMP files are normally leftovers from LPR print jobs (see Microsoft Knowledge base articles 264662 and 308107).

VDM*.TMP files have been reported primarily in connection Windows NT systems (but are also know to occur when running W2K). VDM stands for virtual DOS machine and are created by the Microsoft WOW subsystem when running 16-bit applications. In Advanced Accounting/TAS 5.1, the files seem to be created when a user prints something. For some reason the original TMP file is renamed possibly by another user or perhaps the user does not have delete rights. It is unknown why the TMP file is created in the Advanced Accounting/TAS software installation directory rather than in the user's \winnt\system32\spool\printers or \windows\temp directory or somewhere else.

If the files are allowed to accumulate, eventually the system may become extremely slow (because of too many files in the application directory) and ultimately printing may become extremely slow or the application may even hang when trying to print. The VDM*.TMP files can be safely deleted and a user encountering this problem should first implement a procedure whereby the VDM*.TMP files are routinely deleted each day to avoid a build-up of files.

Insofar as stopping the files from continuing to be created, one source indicates that the following may help:

Change the System Variables (not User Variables) for 'temp' and 'tmp' to %USERPROFILE%\TEMP instead of %SystemRoot%\TEMP
(My Computer --> Environment Variables --> Advanced then see lower half of screen repeat on each PC)
The files may also accumulate if users are not given adequate "delete" rights into the application directory. Users must be able to "delete" temporary files, both created by Windows and by the accounting software.

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