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June 20, 1998
Peachtree 2000 and Advanced Accounting 5.1 Windows mode conflict; Btrieve 6.15
Advanced Accounting 5.1
Anthony J. Frates (Copyright 1998 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

Peachtree 2000 is 16-bit Windows program that uses the 16-bit Btrieve 6.15 engine (on WIN95/NT systems this means that the WBTRCALL.DLL is a 42K file). Advanced Accounting 5.1 in its Windows mode is also a 16-bit program that uses the Btrieve 5.0 WBTRCALL.DLL (renamed WBTRTAS5.DLL to avoid conflicts). (When run in its DOS mode, Advanced Accounting 5.1 is a 32-bit program and is therefore in this transition product more capable in many ways than its own optional Windows counterpart; the DOS mode program further uses the Btrieve 5.10a engine which runs as a TSR and which normally runs without difficulty in a WIN95 environment.)

(Side note: because the Windows mode of Advanced Accounting is using the Btrieve 5.0 engine, users are unable to use BREQUEST in a Novell or WIN NT environment and run in the Windows mode; BREQUEST can be used however in the DOS mode. The Windows mode should never be run on a network on which BREQUEST is running.) 

Both Peachtree 2000 and Advanced Accounting 5.1 (in Windows mode) need a [btrieve] section in the WIN.INI of each PC on which they are run (i.e. in C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI). If a user tries to run Advanced Accounting 5.1 in its Windows mode (by invoking TP5WIN.EXE in the Advanced Accounting 5.1 path; the DOS mode is invoked via the batch file ADV.BAT or via TPC50.EXE directly) and this [btrieve] section is missing, [s]he will receive a general protection fault (GPF) upon loading. The resolution to this problem is to add the missing section (or to run the CONFIGWS.EXE utility found on Business Tools diskette #1, from the ADDSUM ADVB5.EXE program or from the ADDSUM CD-ROM in the ADVDOS subdirectory).

When properly configured for Advanced Accounting 5.1, the [btrieve] section in the WIN.INI will appear as follows:

Options=/m:64 /p:4096 /b:16 /l:40 /n:12 /f:150

There should be only one [btrieve] section with one "Options=" line.

Peachtree 2000 however requires a different option line and in fact, when the Peachtree 2000 program is run it will replace the "Options= line (if one already exists) with the following:

Options=/m:64 /p:2048 /b:16 /f:50 /l:50 /n:12 /t:C:\PT2000\BTRIEVE.TRN

Because the /p (page size) parameter is a different size, this will then create a problem when trying to run Advanced Accounting in Windows mode on the same PC (a GPF will result). The DOS mode of Advanced Accounting however will run without conflict.

As a side note, Business Tools reports that the 6.15 version of Btrieve (used by Peachtree 2000) has proven to be problematic especially on peer to peer networks. The LCK temporary files (which replace the PRE files used by the Btrieve 5 engine) are not deleted properly and data file corruption can result especially on networks with more than four or five workstations. This is one reason why Business Tools has chosen to continue to using the Btrieve 5 engine in connection with its products through versions 5.1 of both Advanced Accounting and TAS Professional.

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