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February 25, 2009
Vista Home limitations: no domain support
Addsum staff (Copyright 2009 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

Vista Home (or Home Premium) is frequently showing up on new desktop and laptop system purchases. This does not pose any particular problem for our accounting software (for example Advanced Accounting 5.1 as long as 32-bit systems are used nor Advanced Accounting 6.1) nor the programming languages we support/publish (including TAS Professional 5.1, again as long as 32-bit systems are deployed nor TAS Professional 6.x nor TAS Premier 7i) nor it is a problem as a client on Pervasive 9 or 10 systems. Nonethless, client-server users will likely want to avoid deploying Vista Home as a network client in view of its lack of domain support.

Microsoft specifically states this limitation with respect to Vista Home Premium in Knowledgebase article 929543 entitled You cannot join a Windows Vista Home Premium-based computer to a domain:

If a computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium, you cannot join the computer to a domain.

This behavior occurs because Windows Vista Home Premium does not support a scenario where you join a computer to a domain. Windows Vista Home Premium is designed as the foundation for a home entertainment system.

A specific Knowledgebase article simply referring to "Vista Home" in this regard does not appear to have been published. But the issue has been widely discussed, for example see PCWorld's Windows Vista FAQ published in November of 2006 indicating " . . . the Home editions of Windows Vista lack support for domains."

Indirectly, Microsoft documents the lack of domain support in "Windows Help and How-to" under the topic Connect your computer to a domain with the qualifying language:

Applies to Business, Enterprise, Ultimate

So in a client-server network, anything less than Vista Business is not going to be acceptable in your environment unless you do not want your users to have domain-based Internet access.

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