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February 13, 2001 (updated January 22, 2002)
Data dictionary file could not be opened: FILELOC.B
TAS 6 (development system and runtimes)
Anthony J. Frates (Copyright 2001 Addsum Business Software, Inc.)

NOTE: this tech support memo primarily applies to versions of TAS 6 released prior to version 1.05a (late November 2001) at which point Business Tools, Inc. switched the file dictionary files to CodeBase and those systems will have a FILELOC.DBF rather than FILELOC.B and issues (3) and (4) would not apply.
This error can occur when running TP6RUNTIME.EXE (TAS 6.0 runtime) or TASPRO6.EXE (TAS 6.0 development language) under the following situations:

1. There is literally no FILELOC.B file in the application directory. Place an appropriate copy of FILELOC.B into the application path (as provided by the developer of the application).

2. The file FILELOC.B is not present in the default dictionary path (DataDictPath) that is specified in the TASPRO6.INI file. Resolve this by editing the TASPRO6.INI file directly or by running TP6SETUP.EXE. Note that TASPRO6.INI could be in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINNT\SYSTEM32 if not in the application path (developers should usually not keep their INI file in a SYSTEM directory). In a TASPRO6.EXE situation, the problem could be the "Set Dev Path" setting (which is established via TP6SETUP.EXE). Set Dev Path points to a TASPRO6.INI file. If in a network situation you don't have a drive mapped the same way as previously or there isn't a FILELOC.B in that location, you could get this error. Change your Set Dev Path back to your C:\TAS60 directory where there should hopefully also be a TASPRO6.INI and then see if TASPRO6.EXE will load without the FILELOC.B error. (If you have multiple development paths, your data dict path will also change when you change the development path unless you always use the same dictionary.)

3. The Btrieve/Pervasive microkernel or "engine" isn't getting loaded (if this is a Btrieve/Pervasive based system). On a system with NO previous Btrieve or Pervasive installations, put the files contained in BTRIEVE.ZIP into the application directory (they do not need to be placed into any local \WINDOWS or other subdirectory). This includes the W32MKDE.EXE engine. Then load TAS and see if this resolves the problem.
If this involves a Pervasive installation, if Pervasive.SQL has previously been installed correctly, TAS 6.0 will automatically load it. If for some reason the W3DBSMGR.EXE doesn't load, attempt to load it manually and then attempt to load TAS. Temporarily you could place the older Btrieve engine files into the application directory just to see if you can get past this error. Check the task manager to see if either W32MKDE.EXE or W3DBSMGR.EXE is in memory.

4. The file FILELOC.B is being opened exclusively or in "single engine" mode. Run W32MKSET.EXE and change both local and remote file sharing to "multi engine" (under File Settings - other settings need to be updated for a multi-user system as well).

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